Comic Book Men: Stan the Man


by Ashley Binion

This episode was hands down my favorite of the entire series. The one, the only, Stan Lee dropped by The Stash.

Warning: Spoilers ahead!

Stan Lee came by the store to do a charity photo shoot and chose The Stash as the backdrop. Once he hopped out of his limo, the guys pounced on him. In between shots, they asked him some questions. One of the age-old questions Walt asked Stan was who would win in a fight Thor or The Hulk. Of course, being diplomatic, he didn’t really answer the question, but said he ended the fight in a draw so people could argue about who would win.

They also asked him about Captain Stacy’s death in The Amazing Spiderman #90. He said his favorite part about the storyline was that Stacy knew all along he was Spiderman.

On this episode, the first item to enter their doors was a first print of The Walking Dead #1. As everyone probably knows, the comic was first written in 2003, less than 8,000 copies were printed in its first run, and is now an extremely popular television series. Last month, a high-grade copy sold for a whopping $10,000. The man was asking for $2,000, but Walt was not going to pay that much due to the condition of the book. He offered $460 but the man didn’t accept it.

The guys played some office hockey before the next item came in. Jeff brought in The Incredible Hulk #6 which was published in 1963. Originally, The Hulk was grey but an issue later, the creators decided to change his color to green. He wanted $500 for it, but there were rips and a stain on the back cover. They eventually agreed on $215.

Another item that came in was Planet Comics #1.The book had many female artists that contributed to the amount of strong heroines. This time, Rob Bruce, resident pop culture expert, was in the store. He said that most recently, he has seen it seen it sell for $35,000. However, the book the man had was a Canadian version, and therefore, worth closer to $250. They eventually agreed on $115.

The show lived up to its name this episode. How awesome was it to see Stan Lee stop by? The guys were absolutely star-struck. I wish the whole episode was him answering questions.

And who do you think would win: Thor vs. The Hulk?

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

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