Comic Book Men: Giant-Sized Anniversary


by Ashley Binion

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

The episode started off with a returning customer, Anthony. The last time the audience saw him he brought in a huge box of Kryptonite Rocks, which he sold to the shop for $600. This time Anthony came bearing gifts of sandwiches and cigars along with another great find.

He brought in 3D Batman Shadow Box. The shadow box displays the 1941 Batman #4 cover, which was the third appearance of the Joker. In 2000, it was priced at $495 and was made by John Gabriel Matthews. I absolutely loved this piece and would totally want it up on a wall in my place.

Walt decided to throw Ming to the wolves and handle the negotiation. After some initial negotiations, Ming told him the highest he could go was $300, but Anthony talked him into buying it for $350. It just seemed like he caved a little too easily.

The next guy who came in was looking to purchase Giant-Size X-Men #1. As it happened to be, the store just purchased one from an auction site and were looking to sell it. This particular book was written by Len Wein and illustrated by David Cockrum and it bridged the original X-Men and the new team, introducing new characters like Storm, Nightcrawler, and Colossus.

Unknown to the guys, the book they purchased was signed by David Cockrum, This raised the price exponentially. Walt wanted to sell it for $500, but brought the price down to $425. Still, the customer couldn’t go that high and left without purchasing. Instead of taking the first offer, Walt said eventually they would get the price they were looking for. I have to agree with Walt. Why take the first offer on the book when they haven’t even had it up for display? That way they could at least raise some interest and see what kind of offers they get.

Later in the episode, a woman came in looking for an epic comic book gift for her boyfriend. Since she said her price range was around $500 Mike immediately brought up the Giant-Size X-Men #1.  The woman bought it for $550. So, the lesson for this episode was patience. Since they decided to wait it out, they ended up making way more money than if they sold it to the first man who came in.

A man brought in a 1978 Lord of the Rings animation cel. This was the first film adaptation of the Lord of the Rings books. The animated film was based on The Fellowship of the Ring and The Two Towers. The legendary Anthony Daniels, C-3P0 actor, was the voice of Legolas. This was another interesting piece that I would love to have.

Rob Bruce, resident pop culture expert, was there to price the cel at $350 retail. I enjoy when they bring in Rob, he adds another fun layer to the group’s dynamic. The man ended up selling it to The Stash for $275.

It was Walt’s 15th anniversary at The Secret Stash, so the guys decided to do something special for him. Ming called Kevin and he hooked the guys up with the New Jersey Devils. They took him to the Prudential Center where he met four Devils players and played a little hockey with them. He was so star-struck, it was adorable.

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Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

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