Comic Book Men: Cryptozoic Men


by Ashley Binion

In this episode, the gang really  embraced the title of the series and became actual comic book men.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

The first item the gang saw  was ginormous version of the Millennium Falcon. I would give a description  of what the ship is and what it’s from, but I would just be preaching  to the choir. Only 700 of The Millennium Falcon Extraordinaire were  made in 1997 and were used for prop display purposes.

During the podcast side of the  episode, Kevin and the guys discussed different starships and pop culture  vehicles. Kevin ranked the Batmobile at the top, but I’m not sure I  would agree with that. However, it could be said that almost everyone  knows what the Batmobile is, so in terms of overall familiarity, he  would be correct.

The owner asked for $2,200,  but Walt talked the man down to selling it for $1,300. For The Stash,  that was a pretty significant purchase.

A man came in the store inquiring  about a Godzilla Shogun Warrior figure. It was made by Mattel in 1977.  The man wanted to buy it for his kids because he remembered loving his  so much. I loved how the Godzilla rolled on wheels and how the fist  was able to fire.

On the podcast side, the gang  talked about how parents love something so nostalgically, they want  their kids to experience it and love it just as much. Kevin talked about  watching Star Wars with his kid and how she wasn’t  as thrilled with it as he was. I find this to be true. I’ve seen this  happen so many times with parents and their children, gosh that even  happened to me when I was a kid.

Walt was  asking $250 for the piece, but the man talked him down to selling it  for $225.

The last  item that was brought in was Creepy #1, which was  signed by Jim Warren and Frank Frazetta. This book  was a horror-comic magazine full of fantasy art. Rob Bruce, resident  pop culture expert, was there to price the item at $350. Walt negotiated  the price all the way down to $200. Again, that is another item that  Walt got at a great rate.

The guys  created a comic book. Mike and Ming were in charge of creating characters  for the book, while Brad was in charge of script. Ming wanted to do  a half man, half pig character. What’s funny is that when they went  to pitch the book to Dynamite Comics, his character wasn’t even featured.

Brad had  an idea to do a pitch video along with their original plan. Again, Brad  was the director of their adventure and it was hilarious. The video  had an introduction by the King of Comics, Stan Lee. How do they keep  getting Stan to do video introductions? First, in “Con Men,” where he introduced the  convention, then in this episode for their book.

They got approval from Dynamite  Comics for a five-issue miniseries including figures such as Bigfoot,  The Loch Ness Monster, and the New Jersey Devil.

Don’t forget you can download  their free companion podcast on iTunes.

What is your favorite pop  culture vehicle? What nostalgia from your childhood have you or want  to pass onto your kids?

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

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