Comic Book Men: Comic Charades


by Ashley Binion

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

The first guy who came into The Stash brought  in a 2007 Megatron G-1 reissue. It transforms into a Walther P38, which  is a German handgun. It was based off of the pistol seen in the television  series The Man from U.N.C.L.E. The man’s main selling point on the item was  that “You would never be able to buy this toy in America because of  laws that you can’t sell a toy gun that looks like a real gun.”

After he said that, the first  thing that popped into my mind was they wouldn’t be able to sell it,  so why would they even consider buying it? Three seconds later, Brian  asked Walt the same thing. But Kevin argued that there is a market for  banned toys. The man wanted to sell it for $250, but Walt wouldn’t go  any higher than $120. The man couldn’t sell it for that low of a price,  so he left. I found the whole exchange pretty sketchy.

The next man who came into  the store wanted to sell a Sub-Mariner George Perez sketch. Perez worked  on The Avengers and Crisis on Infinite Earths. So, they brought in Anthony  Snyder, an art dealer, to price the piece. He priced the sketch at $250  retail, but Walt bought it for $175. The sketch was in great condition,  but I would think that since it had the man’s name it, it would detract  from the price of the piece. And Walt got another piece for a great  price.

A woman came in asking to  buy the first appearance of Bat Girl, Detective Comics #359. Bat Girl was created by  request of the Batman television show. From 1989  till 2011 she became Oracle, a symbol for the physically-challenged  in comics. Walt wanted to sell it for $375, but the woman talked him  down to $340.

The last seller who came  in was one of Walt’s friends, Monster Bill. He wanted to sell The Bride  of Frankenstein Model Kit. It was released in 1935 and again in 1966,  but the mold was damaged preventing a reissue in 1969. Monster Bill  wanted to sell it for $1,500 but Walt couldn’t buy it for that much.  So, instead he took the guys out to his van full of monster stuff.

Walt found a Monsters Frightening  four pack in his van. It was a reissue from the sixties and was created  as a Toys ‘R’ Us exclusive, which was limited to 5,000 pieces. Walt  bought it for $175. I thought it was adorable how jealous Brian was  of Monster Bill.

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Rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars

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