Castle: Watershed, Season Finale


by Stephen Janes (@stephenkjanes)


The season finale of Castle brought a lot of huge news for fans. For starters, season six was officially green lit for the hit show, which should have hinted that this episode would end with a huge cliffhanger. In addition, the strong writing and direction of this season came to a close with yet another stout showing, making me desolate that it came to an end, but excited for the future. Also, I told you so. You’ll understand what I mean later.

The opening scene we saw Beckett discussing her future with Special Investigator Jared Stack, who offered Beckett a job in the prior episode. Although Beckett reaffirmed that she was only a homicide investigator, her opinion of herself changed thanks to Captain Gates. Captain Gates not only encouraged Beckett to take the job, but also revealed that she wanted Beckett to go and do something bigger than homicide.

At this point, the only person who really doesn’t know about the job is Castle himself. At the same time, the only thing pulling her away from the job is Castle. Beckett reveals that taking the job of a lifetime means leaving the love of her life, and vice versa. Beckett is usually solid when it comes to decision, but her inability to believe Castle is anything more than boyfriend material is constantly haunting her.

In the only scene where Alexis was shown, she was arguing with her father about going on a class trip to Costa Rica, which the overly protective father was hesitant to allow. This was only the second time we’ve heard about the Paris incident since it happened and this was perhaps the longest conversation about it. Both Alexis and Richard showed a desire to change themselves so fear wouldn’t take over and looked to move on. I wish this scene had happened closer to the actual Paris event but was still nice and touching, the basis for every scene between father and daughter.

During a huge break in the case, Castle uncovers Beckett’s boarding pass and learns the truth about her interview. Castle states his displeasure with Beckett’s decision not to tell him about the interview or the job opportunity and eventually leaves in a fit of rage. Castle’s anger and frustration with the scenario caused a very big riff between the two, which put Beckett in an even more awkward situation with her potential new job.

After leaving, Castle meets with his mother and discusses the situation with him and Beckett. Martha reaffirms to her son that he needs to not back away at the first sign of trouble and not throw away five years of progress on one mistake. Things get interesting when Martha asks Richard if he thinks the relationship will continue on, while at the same time Beckett gets accepted as a Special Investigator. After meeting with her father, Kate reveals it’s the job she really wants, all but prompting the inevitable breakup between ‘Caskett.’

The case itself was one of the better ones this season. The victim was an honor student who feigned being a hooker but was really a hacker (as I called her, a hacker-hooker) trying to steal information from a law firm. It seemed like every obstacle the precinct hurdled, three more would rise. The case kept taking interesting turns and suspects were becoming victims faster than you could say, “John Grisham.” Cover ups, murders and hackers, just another day at the office, it seems.

Beckett completes her last case in the New York Precinct and as on her way to talk to Castle about her new job. Both characters seem gloomy as the audience prepares for the relationship to crumble and end all too soon. Castle begins a speech about wanting more in a relationship and drops to his one knee and proposes to a speechless Beckett. The episode then fades to black before Beckett provides an answer.

At the end of “The Squab and the Quail,” I discussed that this season would either end with a break-up or a proposal. We finally see the proposal that has been awaited for a while now, but the circumstances surrounding the proposal still make the future cloudy for Castle and Beckett. If Beckett says yes, will she still take the new job in Washington, D.C? Will she say no and rock the relationship forever? Unfortunately, we have to wait until season six to see what answer Beckett has for Castle. This episode was a great way to close a very good season five as I have very few complaints about what transpired. I do think if Beckett takes a job with the FBI, her relationship with Senator Bracken will be featured more as it provides an interesting dynamic.

Well, Nerds, what did you think about this finale? Were you shocked at what transpired? Did you expect more to happen? What do you honestly think will happen next season? If you ask me, Beckett doesn’t say yes or no immediately, gets called back to New York to solve a case and then gives Castle an answer. See you all next season!

Episode Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

Season Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

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  1. larryJuly 10th, 2013 at 2:26 pm

    I think beckett is being set up by Sen Bracken who wants to be president and she will be an easier target in Washington. Just a different slant.She has to accept the job. If not she will always feel he was in her way of success.

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