Castle: The Human Factor


by Stephen Janes (@stephenkjanes)

We’re only one episode away from the season finale of Castle with a couple of plot lines that should get resolved in dramatic fashion. Although the relationship between Castle and Beckett seems unbreakable on the outside, Beckett has been doing some considering and isn’t sure what she wants from her own future.

The episode quickly goes into confusion mode when a car bomb goes off and kills somebody. Before Beckett and Castle were able to assess the scene, Homeland Security took the crime scene away and left the precinct in disarray. Things get even more interesting when the victim was taken out with a drone missile and leave Beckett wondering what conspiracies are about.

Castle has had a few episodes dealing with bigger conspiracy theories and I always enjoy the twists and turns that come with it. To make matters worse, a quiet man in a suit is constantly following Beckett, causing her to believe something even bigger is at play. Upon confiscating the man, Beckett find out he is a ‘Special Investigator’ for the Attorney General (named Jared Stack), put in charge to take a closer look at the victim.

Having Stack join the investigation took the show to a different level. Usually having somebody else on the investigation usually would cause a wedge between Castle and Beckett, but this was very different. Beckett did everything she could in order to assist Stack, but his level of secrecy and anonymity kept leaving Beckett in the dark. You’d expect a Special Investigator to come in and provide answers, but all he did was raise further questions.

One of my favorite scenes in the episode occurred when Beckett and Castle went to investigate Simon Warburg, who had ties to the drone that was used earlier. Upon arriving at Warburg’s estate, another drone appears from nowhere and fires (with blanks, although this was not known yet) at Beckett and Castle. The duo begins firing at the drone in self-defense and the ensuing argument of who shot the drone forced me to put down my coffee. It was very adorable seeing Castle claim he “rose to the occasion” and how it was his turn to protect Beckett.

Another light-hearted moment transpired back at Castle’s apartment. In the middle of the night, Castle’s remote-controlled devices appear to have a mind of their own until Beckett emerges from the bed, laughing hysterically. It’s always fun when the two prank each other as it provides an escape from the serious nature of the show.

Upon the conclusion of the case, Speck speaks with Beckett about her interest in working for the Attorney General in Washington, D.C. Speck tells Beckett that she would be a great candidate and constantly asks, “Where do you see yourself in five years?” Beckett takes his information and looks as though she’s heavily considering the offer, but doesn’t tell Castle at the end of the episode.

In one week, every answer will be presented to the audience. Will Beckett take the job offer in Washington? If so, how will that resonate with Castle and their relationship? I still firmly believe that something major will happen between the two, whether it’s a surprise proposal from Castle or a gut-wrenching break-up initiated by Beckett, but anything could happen in a season finale.

Rating: 3.75 out of 5 stars

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