Castle: Death Gone Crazy


by Stephen Janes (@stephenkjanes)

We get a  brief glimpse of our victim Beau Randolph, who runs the fictional version  of “Girls Gone Wild” in the Castle universe. Apparently, partying with beautiful (albeit questionable)  women and a consistent flow of adult beverages has Randolph depressed.  The audience begins to think that Randolph may not be such a moral mess  but quickly becomes a victim before his full story is told.

I have never tried to understand a process that I wasn’t familiar  with. For instance, I am completely unaware of how a detectives workflow  actually progresses, unless it’s in fictional New York or Los Angeles.  While the first suspect that Richard Castle and Detective Beckett was  brought in, she practically progressed the case for the crime-fighting  duo. It wasn’t such a natural progression, which made this scene almost  forced. Again, there is a reason I write reviews for shows and not write  scripts for the shows, but this seemed really lame and just weird.

We are all familiar with Castle’s parental paranoia towards his daughter  Alexis. Constantly telling her to change her apparel or her lifestyle,  we get another glimpse of Alexis’ seemingly secret life when her father  discovers a vlog that she posted online. I love the chemistry between  Molly Quinn and Nathan Fillion in their brief time together and I still  wish Quinn would get more screen time as opposed to being that character  that just appears briefly. Early on, they get into an argument about  the vlog but clear the air at the end of the episode. These scenes are  always pretty sappy yet witty, I just wish there was more of them.

This episode featured another extensive look at Detective Esposito,  which I’m thoroughly enjoying. Last week’s episode, Esposito had a soft  side for a street-raised teenager that I’m sure melted many hearts and  earned him brownie points. This week, he was smitten with a cleared  suspect when she admitted to breaking somebody’s nose working as a bodyguard.  We already know so much about Castle and Beckett that it’s always a  welcome change when Ryan or Esposito receive more attention.

It’s interesting to note how the tertiary cast has received reduced  screen time this season. We already knew that Alexis wouldn’t be seen  as much due to her being at college and Castle’s mother Martha taking  auditions. Captain Gates has had very few appearances lately and you  have to wonder if she’s being saved for something much larger ahead.  As I mentioned earlier, we have been seeing a little more of Esposito  and Ryan, so it is quite possible this shift is more of a fan service.

I think this episode had one of the most simplistic yet entertaining  plot twists this season. It’s not that it was unpredictable or totally  unexpected, but it was well thought out and actually made logical sense.  Despite the rather slow and iffy movement of the episode, the realistic  conclusion of the investigation was entertaining to watch.

A good episode and actually one that I would recommend people watch.  It doesn’t move the ‘Caskett’ storyline in any way nor does it introduce  new elements to the show, but it was casually entertaining. Even if  you have no interest in watching this episode but taped it on your DVR,  be sure to check the sneak peek for the next episode, which prominently  features Beckett and William Bracken sharing a stage together. The interaction  between Bracken and Beckett helped make this seasons premiere absolutely  stellar, and I cannot wait to see how it progresses.

Mark your calendars, kids. Castle will return with dramatic results in two weeks  as of this posting.

Rating: 2.75 out of 5 stars


  1. Michele SinopoliJanuary 22nd, 2013 at 1:48 pm

    Couldn’t wait to watch but problem is I didn’t watch CASTLE series until I finally I get into to see first to fifth seasons. I’m on second season DVD and fifth seems from DVD is a long way to go lol. The show is an awesome show I have ever seen. Ah I don’t mean better than CHUCK, CHUCK is still my number one :). I see Castle and Chuck has a little bit similar to you ask me.

  2. Kevin RigdonJanuary 23rd, 2013 at 8:03 am

    Though I agree it’s not the best episode of the season, I think I like it more than you did. As a parent of a teenage daughter, the interaction between Rick and Alexis is always welcome, and I think everything flowed reasonably well. I’d love to see more Martha, though. Definitely looking forward to the upcoming Bracken story.

  3. Stephen JanesJanuary 23rd, 2013 at 11:13 am

    Kevin I think the show will be picking up immensely with the next few episodes. The last month seemed like filler episodes, no plot progression and fairly conservative when it came to the story.

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