Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Review


By: Thomas Riccardi

The Call of Duty series has taken us from the beaches of Normandy to the jungles of Vietnam through different titles in the series ranging from Black Ops to Advanced Warfare. The latest game to join the line-up is Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare and fans hated the initial trailer. Does the game subvert those expectations and rate well enough for you to spend your hard-earned money on it, or should you go with another game that is coming out in the next few weeks?

The campaign for Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare takes place in the future where the United Nation Space Alliance was formed to branch out into the galaxy. They created colonies on other worlds so that Earth could thrive and flourish throughout the galaxy. During Fleet Week in Geneva as a celebration of the UNSA and their ships, the defense cannons start to come online, but are targeting friendly ships. Amongst the chaos, the forces of the Settlement Defense Front start killing civilians and military personnel alike. This new enemy wants to see Earth punished for its actions.

The single player campaign is great as there are a lot of great moments as you choose where to strike next. This sets it apart from most of the other Call of Duty games where you had to go from one mission to the next in a linear fashion. You will also take control of the UNSA Retribution, a warship that will serve as your base of operations. You will be able to customize your loadouts and obtain new technology as you make your way through the campaign. However, the campaign is VERY short and while there are a lot of great moments, if you love the single player experience, you will be done with it rather quickly. This campaign can be done in around five hours, with around seven or eight on a harder difficulty. But this has been the norm with the Call of Duty games as of late as they are focusing on a multiplayer experience.

The multiplayer in the game is on par with the other games in the series with a few changes. The specialists that were introduced in Black Ops 3 are back, but in the form of Rigs. These combat Rigs have different abilities as you gain kills in combat. A meter fills and when it is filled, you can use that ability. There are three Rigs you start out with: the Merc (with steel dragon, a beam weapon that can hit multiple targets), Warfighter (that has a claw weapon that can shoot in a wide spread), and Synaptic (a robot that has twin machine pistols). There are a total of six Rigs in the game and while it doesn’t sound like a lot, they can be customized with various payloads to fit your playstyle. However, there are some problems with the multiplayer as well and the first has to be the matchmaking. I got the game during the week and tried to find a lobby and spent nearly a half hour looking before I gave up. My other problem is that the multiplayer maps do not flow as well as the ones in Black Ops 3. In that game, there was plenty of room to move around and some of the maps in this game feel claustrophobic. Still, there are certain choke points you can just camp in and rack up a bunch of kills.

But zombie mode has to be the saving grace of Infinite Warfare as everything about it is perfect! You are called to a creepy movie theater to audition for a part in Willard Wyler’s new horror movie. After being a recluse for years, he has come out of retirement and has chosen you to be in his new film. As you take your seat in the theater, though, a portal opens up through the screen and sucks you into the movie. The movie is called Zombies in Spaceland and takes place at an amusement park called Spaceland. You can choose to play as the nerd (Poindexter), the jock (A.J), the rapper (Andre), or the valley girl (Sally). What is great about this new zombies mode is that it takes place in the 80’s and everything reflects it, from the decor in the park to the zombies themselves – there is even a DJ spinning tunes while you play. And the DJ is played by none other than David Hasselhoff! For me, this is the best part of Infinite Warfare and I hope they come out with more content for this mode (perhaps branching out into more of Wyler’s other films?). Only time will tell.

But that’s not all, folks. If you buy the Legacy edition of the game, you will also get a copy of Modern Warfare remastered. Yes, you heard right: you can play the game that started the Warfare franchise both online and in the campaign mode. I’ve been playing the campaign and when “Charlie Don’t Surf” loaded up, I was blown away with the new slick-looking visuals. This is a great game that needs to be played both online and off, but the only drawback is that it currently cannot be purchased separately. You need to plunk down $80 for all the content and Modern Warfare remastered. If you really want to play this game, I would suggest waiting, as Activision will release a solo pack containing this game.

While Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare has a lackluster campaign and a multiplayer mode rife with problems, Zombies in Spaceland is its saving grace. Hopefully Activision will correct some of these problems and release some great content for this game in the months to come.

For more information on Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare, head over to the official website and get ready to reach for the stars.

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