Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 Review

By: Thomas Riccardi

The Call of Duty franchise has had more than its fair share of entries in the gaming world. From the gritty trench warfare of the original World at War to the futuristic visions in Advanced Warfare, it seems that each generation brings a new story and features to solo and online gaming. Now Treyarch Studios have released Call of Duty Black Ops 3, but is this an operation that you will want to go on?

The single player mode takes place in the year 2065, a good 40 years after the events in Black Ops 2. You start by customizing your character as you can play as a male or female and drop into enemy territory to rescue hostages from the NCR. As you make your way to the extraction point, you manage to save the hostages, but at a cost as an enemy robot critically wounds you. The story seems to unfold from there, taking you all over the world as you unlock new abilities as well as new weapons and tech that will aid you in intense firefights. The campaign is fun to play, but as with previous versions, it falls short as you will be able to complete the campaign in a matter of hours. Aside from futuristic weapons, there are more than a few improvements to this series and the most impressive has to be the wall run. You can run along walls to gain access to vantage points and get the drop on the enemy.

Multiplayer is a big part of Black Ops and there are the normal modes that are back, such as team Deathmatch and free for all. There are four new modes that were introduced in Black Ops 3 to keep things interesting such as Stockpile, Purgatory, Sudden Death, and Resistance. These new modes will keep you interested as you will battle with players from around the world in supremacy. Creating a loadout brings back the original “Pick 10” system from Black Ops 2 where you have ten points to create your loadout and can spend them however you choose. Put all the points into your primary weapon or spread them out between perks, grenades, and other equipment. Once you create a loadout, you also select from one of ten specialists that are in the game. Each of these specialists has a unique weapon and ability that allows you to bring even more pain to people on the battlefield. For example: Firebreak has a flamethrower that can incinerate anything in its path and an ability called Heat Wave that stuns enemies close to you.

Zombies has also made a comeback in a big way in Black Ops 3 and it takes place in the 1940s, giving the mode a heavy noir look. Taking place in the fictional Morg City, you control one of four characters: Campbell the Boxer (Ron Perlman), Nero the Magician (Jeff Goldblum), Jessica the Femme Fatale (Heather Graham), and Vincent the Cop (Neal McDonough). The characters will progress through a great story that not only includes zombies, but other horrors that are not of this world. While the campaign and multiplayer are great, in Black Ops 3, Zombies is really what roped me in and got me hooked on the game.

For people playing on console, there were some minor glitches that were addressed and fixed within a day of launch. However, the PC crowd is feeling the brunt of this release as this game is plagued with crashes, unknown errors, and just drains the CPU and memory. There have been people that have bought this game and have yet to be able to play it. I myself have a desktop and a laptop and in order for me to play this game, I had to upgrade to Windows 10. I even went as far as contacting Activision support and the customer support rep told me to contact either Microsoft or Steam to get this game working. Needless to say, I was less than pleased and I did not want to upgrade to Windows 10 right now, but it was the ONLY way to play this game. I had tried every trick and suggestion on forums, web pages, and even in chat and none of them worked. To say I was frustrated at the lack of attention Activision was paying towards the PC gamers was an understatement. Also, if you want to play the campaign, you need to either play it on the XBox One, PS4, or PC, otherwise you will only be able to play the online modes. Why they decided to cut out the campaign from last gen titles is just a mystery as they could have made the game two discs to store all the content.

So do I recommend Black Ops 3? If you are going to play this on a console you should be fine, but if you like to game on the PC, I would wait until most of these issues are worked out. For more information on Black Ops 3 head over to and get ready to go dark.


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