Buzz Aldrin Says We Need to Get Our Asses to Mars


By: Haylee Fisher (@haylee_fisher)


Even at 85 years old, Buzz Aldrin is still a nerd.


And why wouldn’t he be? The second man to walk on the moon has continued to be an advocate for space exploration and education, creating his ShareSpace Foundation to encourage science, technology, engineering, arts, and math literacy in children.


To benefit his foundation, he is selling t-shirts with quite the eye-catching slogan: Get Your Ass to Mars.


“We’re promoting our Get Your Ass to Mars shirts,” Aldrin said in a recent interview with The Nerd Machine. “These are available through [They’re] available in different sizes – sweatshirts also – up until October 19. That’s when this particular promotion [ends] for the educational purposes and objectives of my ShareSpace Foundation. You can look it up on and find out all about it. So we’d sure like your help in getting as many people enticed to get a great, current souvenir.”


Aldrin has been outspoken about his desire for NASA and other space programs in other nations to make it a priority to get crews to Mars to explore the planet further.


“It is clearly the next space exploration objective,” Aldrin said. “After setting foot on the moon six or seven times, a couple of guys for a day or two don’t have much to show for it. Other nations now want to go to the moon and we should not compete with them, but help them and not spend all of our resources there, except very wisely, doing the things at the moon that we then have to, then do [them] at Mars and set up bases and the U.S. can be the major [player] for human transportation. To do some work between Earth and Mars. So there’s room for all nations to participate.”


Aldrin has even created ways to make that exploration possible and chose Mars as the face of his t-shirt campaign because of his passion for it.


“I have been given a gift of being able to look out-of-the-box at many opportunities of space exploration and I’ve developed methods of transportation, specifically cycling orbits between Earth and Mars, that provide a very outstanding means of transporting crews – international crews – from Earth to Mars, and that can be our nation’s major contribution. And my pioneering work at MIT with space rendezvous and Earth/Moon cycling transportation systems I think [will] do an outstanding, superior task of delivering international crews to the surface of Mars,” he said.


He hopes to get as many people as possible to participate in the campaign and appreciates anyone that chooses to help out.


“What you need to do is go to and help others to order these t-shirts before October 19,” he said. “It benefits education and hopefully inspires ourselves and others at the same time and we really would be grateful for any help you can give for a worthy cause.


And just what is Aldrin nerdy about? (Besides space, of course!)


“Scuba diving. And staying as young and active as I possibly can,” he said.


Go to to get your t-shirt before time runs out!

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