Brotherhood of the Boy Wonder


by Marcus Luera

There have been more than four Robins, but I’m focusing on the “sons”  of Batman.  Between a poll on The Nerd Machine and reading Batman & Robin, the rivalry between the Robins has become apparent, but if you look  closer, it’s more of a sibling rivalry.

First up, there is Dick  Grayson. In typical older brother fashion, he is responsible, and does  everything possible to live up to dad’s expectations.  Then there  is the rebel, Jason Todd.  He is still on the mission, but goes  about it in a way that disappoints Batman at times.  Tim Drake  comes in as a quite middle child, who follows more closely to big brother  Dick than Jason.  Lastly, there is the baby, Damien Wayne; and  like all babies, he requires a lot of attention and is very desperate  to forge his own path.

Damien is the current Robin,  and the others have all gone on to their own identies. Dick is Nightwing,  Jason is the Red Hood, and Tim is Red Robin.  In fact, Dick and  Jason were part of battle to become the next Batman.  Dick won,  took Damien as his Robin, and in doing so, guaranteed he would rebel.  Damien likes being Robin even more so since Bruce is back as Batman,  but he yearns to be out of the shadows of his big brothers, so much  so that he has challenged all of them to prove he is the greatest Robin.

Like all brothers, they  fight, but also will team up to defend the family, and they all have  their own unique relationship with Batman.  Dick and Tim are orphans  like him, Jason was caught trying to steal from Batman, and Damien is  his biological son.  While the underlying rivalry will never go  away, you do hope the four of them will grow close.  Even if they  don’t see it, they share a special bond.  They were all trained  by Batman (with Damien still in training), and all want to be every  bit the crime-fighter Dad is and make him proud.


  1. Kyle PrestonJanuary 29th, 2013 at 9:52 am

    I have always been a fan of Robin, Dick Grayson being my favorite simply because Nightwing is my favorite DC hero. Great article (: Enjoyed reading it.

  2. BrandonJanuary 29th, 2013 at 11:20 am

    Great article. Love all the Robins. Def enjoying the new direction DC is giving Red Hood.

  3. William LueraFebruary 11th, 2013 at 5:19 pm

    The articles are getting better bro. Still, my favorite is your Doctor Who article. Also, no love for the “Kill or Save Jason Todd” angle DC did in ’88 aka A Death In The Family. I still think Jason dying made him a far more interesting character than if he would have lived. Great call on Denny O’Neil’s part. Jason is definitely my favorite of the group as a stand alone character but not as a Robin; that honor goes directly to Grayson. In my opinion, the man to fill Bat’s shoes when he eventually passes down the Cape and Cowl for good. Keep writing Marcus.

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