Bones: The Twist in the Plot


by Shawnie Kelly (@DearShawnie)

Bones gets interesting this week when not one, but  two bodies are found on the scene. The original burial place belongs  to Monica Craig, a woman whose sickness led her to hire a “death  doula.” What, you’ve never heard of a death doula? Okay, neither  had I. Traditionally, we know the doula is used for expectant mothers,  sort of like a birthing coach, or even emotional support. The death  doula is similar, apparently. They take on “clients” — normally  sick people who know their days are numbered — and lead them “back  into the universe”… a.k.a. into their grave. It’s all very new  age and modern, you guys! Also super creepy!

The second body on top of Monica’s happens to be Rachel Knox, the  death doula herself. Rachel’s death is a mystery to all who knew her  as she had tons of friends and zero enemies; you know, the usual scenario  for victims of mysterious murder. We soon find out that Rachel was tied  to her work partner in a sort of “friends with benefits” kind  of way. He’s obviously a suspect. Further research shows that Monica’s  body wasn’t resting peacefully after all. Her cancer wasn’t developed  enough to kill her, thus introducing the possibility of more foul play.  The two deaths are clearly connected.

Aside from the case, the storyline this week lets us see a little  more of Sweets and where he is at after the breakup with Daisy. Also,  Daisy is back at the lab! Let the awkward-fest ensue. Sweets is vulnerable  and lonely, as indicated by continuing to live with Brennan and Booth.  It’s an interesting dynamic to see Daisy as the strong one and Sweets  questioning their decision to end things. It’s a role reversal I wasn’t  expecting and it didn’t give me that warm fuzzy feeling of closure!  I need closure, people. I guess it’s good that things aren’t tied up  in a nice little bow at the end of their relationship. Things are rarely  neat and tidy with regards to heartbreak. Camille is so great in her  scene with Daisy, reassuring her that nothing is ever as good as it  once was when you “bring it back to life.”

One surprisingly not strange aspect to this episode is hearing everyone’s  post-death plans. Camille wants to be cremated, due to an unfortunate  case she was working on with a not-so-dead person being declared dead.  Booth doesn’t get into details, but we know he wrote his will on a sticky  note and locked it in his desk; this is somehow more fitting to his  character than anything else he could have said. Brennan’s will is hundreds  of pages long, which is also fitting. Hodgens wants to be shot out of  a rocket into the sun. I don’t know if this is scientifically possible,  but they’re all smarty-pants, so we sort of have to trust them. Even  though they’re discussing morbid circumstances, they always have the  ability to make things light-hearted. I appreciate this aspect of the  show, as it’s literally the only reason I can watch something about  death week after week.

Back on the case, it comes to light that Monica’s husband had an affair  with Rachel the death specialist. That’s right, a dying woman was cheated  on by her husband with the woman helping her die… or something like  that.

The theme of grief was consistently used throughout the episode with  Daisy and Sweets grieving their relationship and Monica’s husband grieving  her death. His grief even led him to murder. Luckily, Daisy and Sweets  held their murderous tendencies at bay. Bones is interesting because it has to balance the  weekly cases alongside the personal lives of the characters, and it  does a good job overall. Sometimes I want less case, and more of our  favorite characters. But that’s just me being selfish and impatient.

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

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  1. NicoleFebruary 3rd, 2013 at 4:53 pm

    Yeah, good episode. one thing maybe nice to mentions is that Zach’s former co-star Vik Sahay has a guest starring role!

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