Bones: The Survivor in the Soap


by Shawnie Kelly (@DearShawnie)

This week’s unfortunate victim is Symchay Comteh;  no worries, I have checked the database of “fake murder victims from Bones episodes” for correct spelling on that one. These investigative skills  are second to none, and I should probably be hired by the Jeffersonian,  right? Poor Symchay’s remains are found at a hazardous waste disposal  in a barrel. He was an immigrant working several jobs to stay afloat,  but apparently somebody wanted to sink his ship. Puns, you guys! PUNS!

The best part of this episode  happens to be the continued saga of Cam and Aristoo’s (aka Mr. Vaziri)  unlawful love! Okay, I don’t think it’s literally against the law for  Cam to date her intern; that just sounded more exciting. But it is definitely  against the laws of propriety. Mr. Vaziri delivers the sweetest moment  of the night, “Loving you is the easiest thing in my life right now.”  Okay, we get it. Calm down, intern.

I still enjoy the consistency  of Brennan and Booth’s characters and their total opposite stances on  virtually everything. It’s definitely one thing that Bones fans can count on. There  are several examples of their friction in each episode, and this week  is no different. When one coworker of the victim tells Brennan “You  don’t seem like an FBI agent,” she replies with a cool “Thank you.”  Booth responds with his stodgy yet lovable predictability, noting that  he is proud of his FBI badge. One of the funniest portions of this episode  comes as Booth and Brennan are deciding on a vacation spot. Booth considers  sand, sun, and spa to be idyllic while Brennan wants to study remote  village people in some far corner of the earth. I love how these two  are so different, yet it somehow still makes sense with them. Their  relationship seems genuine because we know it’s solely based on love,  rather than identical outlooks on life.

One major theme touched on  throughout the episode deals with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and  its effects on an individual’s everyday life. As a veteran, Booth recognizes  PTSD when he sees it. Comteh, the victim, was a former child soldier  who was obviously suffering from the memories of a horrific childhood.  Also recognizing PTSD is Mr. Vaziri who grew up in war-torn Iraq; he  becomes emotional about the case. In fact, everyone at the Jeffersonian  seems emotionally invested in this one. They soon locate Breema, a friend  of their victim who was also a former child soldier in Sierra Leone.  As it turns out, Breema holds the key to who killed Symchay. He leads  them to General Joseph Embarga — a man responsible to recruiting thousands  of child soldiers. I’m not saying the writers were directly inspired  by the story of Joseph Kony, real-life leader of the “Lord’s Resistance  Army” in Unganda… I’m just saying they were directly inspired by  the story of Joseph Kony, real-life leader of the “Lord’s Resistance  Army” in Uganda. The themes are eerily similar. In any case, the team  soon discovers that the killer is actually Wilford Hamilton — Comteh’s  boss — who is hiding the former general from the law.

What’s somewhat annoying  with Bones is how they stay with the  same formula for the killer week in and week out. It’s always the first  or second person they talk to with regards to the case. They normally  have very few lines and appear very uninvested. Make it a little harder  for us, Bones! I like to play along and  it’s becoming a tad predictable. But the episode is solid overall. My  favorite part was Cam and Aristoo coming clean about their super secret  affair. Almost all of our Jeffersonians are happy and in love! This  means trouble up ahead. Who’s going to die?! Okay, sorry. I tend to  see the dangers ahead rather than enjoy the moment. I’m excited for  the weeks to come… hopefully all of our favorites stay happy and safe.

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

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