Bones: The Maiden in the Mushrooms


by Shawnie Kelly (@DearShawnie)

On this week’s episode of Bones, our favorite Jeffersonian team is investigating  the murder of a TV producer while Brennan struggles with the idea of  her daughter being an average child, and not the baby genius she was  expecting. The idea that Christine could be “average” comes about  when she bites another child at preschool. Brennan is horrified and  claims that without solid proof, there is no way she will believe her  child is capable of something so normal.

Brennan’s expectations for  little Christine are pretty funny, and we see an entertaining give and  take between she and agent Booth over the issue of their child’s intelligence.  Once again, it’s obvious how different they are in their individual  expressions of love for Christine. He wants her to be happy and normal,  less pressure is the key. Brennan has high standards and believes little  Christine is capable of meeting those standards — even before she’s  two. Both of them want nothing but the best for her, but it is manifested  in two entirely different ways. We see this on display when they are  looking at one of Christine’s paintings from school. Brennan is certain  she sees “abstract expressionism” in the work. Booth’s “you’re  crazy” look is all we need to know about his thoughts on the matter.

Meanwhile, the body of Rebecca,  a young producer of a courtroom reality show, is the focus back at the  lab. She was found under a dirt pile in an old warehouse with mushrooms  growing all over her, and there are several instant suspects: the judge  who happens to be a sloppy drunk, the production assistant that takes  Rebecca’s job, the courtroom bailiff/ex-boyfriend, and last but not  least a disgruntled defendant who’s angry over losing her case. All  we know is that she was strangled. As the case develops, we find that  it is indeed her ex that strangles her… with his dog’s collar. He  was angry that his dog died while in her care. I mean, I kind of get  it. Maybe? Don’t answer that.

I did enjoy this episode  overall. However, I am wondering what happened to the whole “softer  side of Brennan” idea that we were essentially promised earlier this  season. Brennan was shot and encountered her dead mother who convinced  her to soften the rough edges and use her heart more. I feel like we  haven’t seen that side of her since she was lying in the hospital bed,  post-shooting. She is still really hard on others, especially those  closest to her. Of course we know this will always be a part of her  character; I’m not suggesting it shouldn’t be. But I liked the glimpse  of vulnerable Brennan that we saw and hope to see her again. It makes  her character more relatable and also tends to bridge the great personality  divide between she and Booth to some extent. Either way, we still love  her. It’s just that a little character dimension goes a long way.

My favorite part of this  episode was the storyline with Finn and Hodgins. Finn remembers his  late grandmother and this special hot sauce she used to make. The recipe  died with her, and he’s sad that he’ll never taste it again. Hodgins,  determined to use every tool in the lab to figure out the recipe, devotes  time, energy, and resources into finally reproducing the exact sauce  Finn’s grandmother made. It’s the mark of a true bromance and I really  felt the love! I’ll forgive the fact that they just waltzed into the  kitchen of some restaurant, forced the head chef into trying their sauce,  and got an investor on the spot. Not too believable. But, hey, Hodgins  lost his entire fortune so he has to get it back somehow. Hot sauce  is the logical answer to this.

Oh, my other favorite part?  Hodgins and his new haircut! He looks 200% better with a closer crop  and these aesthetic things are super important, you know.

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

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