Bones: The Friend in Need


by Shawnie Kelly (@DearShawnie)

After last week’s heavy episode with Brennan dying and then not dying, along with her spiritual awakening, er… something, we needed a light-hearted installment of Bones this week. Thankfully, they delivered! Well, somewhat.

The victim is fifteen-year-old Martin Manicone, a.k.a. Manny. Manny was some sort of tech-genius who fixed people’s phones for them. In other words, allowed them to exceed their limits without paying. His mother is firmly in the “my son never did anything wrong and was a perfect angel” camp. But upon investigation, Sweets and Booth find wads of cash in his room — hardly the mark of an innocent teenager. On top of that his remains contain high amounts of Ketamine, a party drug known as “Special K.” Sidenote, I genuinely hope no ne’er-do-wells ever offer me Special K, because I love cereal.

The overall theme of the episode focuses on parents and whether or not they truly realize who their children are. I like how they show the contrast between Manny’s personal life and who his mother thought he was — just a straight-A student who never got into trouble. That idea of never quite knowing who someone really is carries throughout the episode as Cam’s adopted daughter (who is apparently dating Dr. Abernathy), is keeping things from her mother. Cam has no idea that her daughter is even in town. However, sometimes you know exactly who people are. For instance, Brennan is recalling her high school days with fondness and someone asks her about her “party” experience. Her answer? She once did a study on alcohol’s effect on the brain and that’s the extent of her knowledge. It’s just one more example of Brennan being the show’s constant variable. Do you like me scientific lingo? I’m basically a forensic scientist now. Move over, Brennan.

Even though they are dealing with teenagers and talking about their own high school experience, which adds a lighter mood, there is still the undercurrent of a serious tone. We find out that Manny’s good friend and longtime crush Kat was sexually assaulted at the party. In one of the more poignant moments of the season, Sweets explains to her that the victim is not at fault in these situations. He reveals that he experienced physical violence in one of his foster homes as a child. This little peak into Sweets’ past is important to who he is now, as it explains his need to help people who are struggling through difficult times. I appreciated how the episode talked about the importance of coming forward with difficult information and getting professional help. Through admitting the truth, Kat also led Brennan, Booth, and Sweets to the killer. The same boy who raped her killed Manny.

In other news, I’m glad that Cam finally admitted to someone other than Hodgens and Angela that she’s dating an intern. That’s sure to go over well with everyone when the time finally comes to lay it all out. Moving forward, I’m interested to see how the latter half of season eight moves towards a finale that will no doubt give us some closure on Christopher Pelant and his vendetta against Booth and Bones.

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

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