Bones: The Fact in the Fiction


by Shawnie Kelly (@DearShawnie)

Bones gets some fresh meat this week! New smarty-pants intern Dr. Oliver Wells joins team Jeffersonian, introducing an entirely different take on Brennan. He tells her quite candidly that she needs to be more open-minded concerning all things scientific. This is a departure from past episodes in which others have told Brennan to open her heart and mind, because normally this suggestion has nothing to do with her work. Brennan prides herself on a scientific mind, and Wells is questioning her take on the big scientific questions, which hints that she hasn’t reached her full potential with regards to her work. Quite the observation coming from an intern! He should be an exciting addition to the cast, considering his first scene includes sliding a human head across the floor of a busy diner.

Aside from Wells and Brennan’s heart-to-heart, there is still a victim this week; and that victim is Benji Garcia, who was found when an investment banker decided to “get back to nature.” In other words, he ran over the remains with a plow. The victim’s brother seems to think that a truck could have been the motive for the murder — a truck that the victim’s ex-girlfriend happened to hate with a passion. Convenient! Add her to the suspect list along with Professor Hunter, theoretical physicist and time travel enthusiast.

Time-travel is an interesting theme throughout the episode and something that Benji the murder victim is heavily invested in. He’s working with Professor Hunter on theories; specifically, he wanted to go back in time, not forward. On the subject of time-travel, we get a special little peek into each character. When Hodgens says that, if possible, he would travel back to the moment when he met Angela, we see that she is top priority in his life. No surprise there. His devotion to Angela has become the main foundation for his character. Angela and Cam would both go back and — ahem — visit Angela’s ex-husband. Looks like that devotion is a little one-sided! Sweets shows his typical thoughtfulness and sensitivity, expressing his desire to go back and thank his adopted parents for everything they did for him. Wells the intern shows that he is career-minded to the very with his idea of traveling to the future, collecting technology, then bringing it back to present day for riches and fame. Booth would save Lincoln, ever the protector! And finally, Brennan wouldn’t time travel; everything she needs and wants “is right here.” Aww. I actually love how they did this; it doesn’t tell us anything new about our characters — minus the new intern — but it does confirm the things about them that we know and love in an original way.

Things get interesting with the case when a second victim is found, and this second victim is Benji’s father. They were both killed at the same time with the same bullet. Turns out the killer is Benji’s brother, so this murder mystery is one big family affair. I almost always figure out who the killer is from the moment they speak, and it was especially obvious in this episode for some reason.

Takeaways from this episode include the following: Hodgens and Wells seem to be getting along swimmingly, and did anyone else notice that they are practically twinsies? They were definitely brothers in a former life. I can’t handle! I hope this doesn’t mean Hodgens is going to die in some horrific disaster, so they’re gearing up for a younger replacement. I know, I know! I’m getting ahead of myself. We’ll see. I’m also curious to see how Brennan and Booth’s investment in “asteroid mining” turns out — or not. Is there a worse way to spend $10,000? I think not.

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars


  1. MelFebruary 26th, 2013 at 11:10 am

    I loved Hodgens and Wells in this episode. Poor Hodgens has been lacking in a kindred spirit since Zack.

  2. KierstinFebruary 26th, 2013 at 1:18 pm

    Mr. Nigel-Murray. I was so sad when he got shot. 🙁

  3. MarHutchyFebruary 26th, 2013 at 2:15 pm

    I still miss Nigel-Murray.
    This was a good episode.

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