Bones: The Doom in the Gloom


by Shawnie Kelly

This week on Bones we encounter doomsday preppers. They believe the world is ending at any moment and take the necessary precautions… to the extreme. The remains of Deanna, a former marine, are found burnt to a crisp. Upon further investigation, we find out that Deanna was discharged after fighting with a fellow marine. When questioned, this fellow marine explains that Deanna was unstable and obsessed with the apocalypse. The Jeffersonian team soon finds out that doomsday preppers are a different breed — and perhaps capable of murder.

My favorite part of this week’s episode is the dynamic between Sweets, Brennan, and Booth. Sweets has been living with the lovebirds and baby Christine for months now and they doubt he’ll ever move out. When he finds a perfect place in Georgetown, it’s Brennan and Booth who are now hesitating to let go. This whole weird parent-child situation starts to take place and it’s pretty funny. Booth pretends he hates having Sweets around, but we soon see that he cares a lot about him and what happens to him. This softer side of the resident burly bear is an interesting twist. He’s always thought Sweets was ridiculous, but some of his quirkiness is rubbing off on Booth.

One little hiccup in this episode is Daisy rearing her head back into the Sweets situation! I hate when this happens. Right when you think a couple has closure and are ready to move on, one of them suffers a relapse. This time it was Daisy. “You’re so great, Lance.” She notes how “honest and committed to the truth” he is. The two then go on in mutual appreciate of each other. Bleh! Over it. I don’t like this coupling at all and was happy when it was over. I hope we don’t have to revisit their anxious, high-strung relationship. One thing I will say that is just a general observation about the show and not of Daisy specifically — how long are interns internships? I mean, according to my crack research skills, also known as IMDB, intern Daisy came onto the scene in 2008. I know becoming a doctor is super intense and requires a lot of study, but a five year internship seems extreme. In any case, I love our Jeffersonian interns, I just want them to reach their full potential!

Anyway, I learned several fun things on this week’s Bones, but some of my favorite takeaways will probably help me during the ever-approaching apocalypse. First of all, I learned how to make cannon balls and who doesn’t want to know how to make cannon balls? We know now that this skill is not just something our Civil War ancestors would be proud of, but rather a basic necessity that could soon become an everyday chore. I also find it helpful to know that beef jerky lasts forever. Who cares what kind of meat that actually is? As long as I can eat it from my underground bunker with several of my fellow survivors for as long as we need to, I’m fine with it.

The biggest lesson I learned, however, was not the art of cannon ball making. Rather, it’s that even though the end of the world will happen at some point, human emotions are still just that — human. When Deanna and one of the other doomsday preppers have an affair, his wife is apparently not okay with it. Take note, people! The end of days is not a romantic free-for-all. There are still rules, like not cheating on one’s spouse and citing “yolo” as a legitimate excuse to do so. Deanna learned this lesson the hard way, with the scorned wife murdering her and burning the body to a crisp. Cheers to the apocalypse!

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

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