Bones: The Diamond in the Rough


by Shawnie Kelly (@DearShawnie)

Bones fans everywhere, rejoice! Season eight is back  after several weeks of hiatus and good thing, too. TV gets a little  boring without crystal-encrusted skeletons, am I right?

This week that’s just what we get — a dead body  with diamonds, or some other kind of sparkly sedimentary growth. The  bones are found glistening in the moonlight and the remains suggest  that this person sustained some sort of ongoing wear and tear to the  body over time. This narrows it down to one kind of person: a dancer!  The remains belong to a woman named Katarina who was a ballroom dancer.  Katarina was participating in a competition television show with all  kinds of rivalry, envy, and potential for murder. The list of suspects  is clearly drawn; is it her old partner, Kendrick? (Kendrick is played  by Dmitry Chaplin of So You Think You Can Dance and Dancing with the Stars fame. I think he can kind of dance or something.) Or maybe it was  the crazy dance mom obsessed with her daughter’s success. There is only  one way for us to find out who killed her. Obviously Brennan and Booth  have to go undercover, and enter the competition themselves. They discover  that crazy dance mom’s daughter’s boyfriend (still with me?) is the  true murderer. He just wanted his girlfriend to be happy. Okay.

Seeing Brennan and Booth outside of their normal roles is refreshing.  Brennan is normally so buttoned up and put together, so seeing her in  a leotard and full dance skirt throughout the entire episode is quite  the departure. Booth also let his uptight self relax a little; we even  find out he was a dance instructor in a previous life! They’re having  fun together, like they always do, but in a different way. I love seeing  every angle of their relationship, and this is fun way to show their  goofy side. Brennan and Booth are the “constant” of Bones, the anchor for  everything else that goes on throughout the series. Even in the midst  of sadness and death, they know how to detach themselves from the depressing  circumstances of their jobs; it’s what makes the show so enjoyable.

Someone who isn’t able to escape the gloomy shadows this episode?  Angela. I appreciate how they’re developing Angela this season. I was  starting to wonder about her and they’re broaching the subject of how  she used to be this lighthearted artist and how she’s become a more  serious addition to the lab. The dismal circumstances of the job —  like murder and what not — are getting to her. She misses art and “bringing  beauty into the world.” Camille and Hodgens notice that she’s getting  down on herself and concoct a plan to lower her hours. Essentially they  force Angela to take some time off, which should be interesting. I hope  we get to see the new mom in a softer light.

Speaking of Camille, she’s still the captain of the Jeffersonian ship  and I still love seeing her in that role. She manages everything so  well, keeping everyone on track and still taking care of business. But  I hope we see more of her personal relationships in this second half  of the season. Last we heard, she was in love with an intern! They can’t  leave us hanging on that one for too long.

My favorite line comes from Booth, not because of the actual words,  but because of who’s saying them:

“Shift your weight through the heel with the hip action.”

We will never be the same, knowing Booth was a super-secret dance  instructor. Overall, the episode was a great way to get the show back  into its groove.

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

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  1. TravisJanuary 21st, 2013 at 12:53 pm

    I thought, of the two episodes that aired last week, Diamond in the Rough was the better episode. I love the undercover episodes of Bones because Booth and Brennan always get so into the characters they’re playing. I’m just catching up with last week’s episodes because I work nights at DISH, so I miss when Bones airs most weeks. My DISH Hopper has me covered though: it will record Bones automatically each week thanks to PrimeTime Anytime. It records the four major networks, and can record two more channels, during primetime. I can keep up with all my favorite shows on my schedule, and I don’t run into DVR conflicts trying to record them all.

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