Bones: The Corpse on the Canopy


by Shawnie Kelly (@DearShawnie)

This week  on Bones, our favorite crime  solvers are faced again with the ruthless serial killer Christopher  Pelant. How do they know it’s Pelant? He specifically targets Angela  and Hodgens, letting everyone know that he’s back and ready to wreak  havoc once more.

The episode opens with a hazy camera shot of Angela and Hodgens asleep  in their home with the muffled cries of their son in the background.  Hodgens awakens groggily and looks up to find a mutilated body hanging  from their bed’s canopy. It’s one thing to see victims in the lab, but  quite another when it’s in their home. There is no professional detachment  in this scenario, and it’s clear from Angela and Hodgen’s reaction that  they are terrified. Everyone immediately suspects Pelant due to the  personal nature of the target. Hodgens threatened to kill him at the  beginning of season eight, so it seems Pelant has a personal vendetta  against him.

No one is willing to wait around idly to see what happens next. Brennan,  Booth, Hodgens, Angela, Sweets, and Camille dive straight into the case.  Evidence suggests that the victim is a special forces agent, but after  further research they discover he was a mercenary; a “killer for  hire” as they say. This shows that Pelant is upping his game and  hitting bigger targets. After the usual cat and mouse nonsense, they  come so close to catching him, as they always do. Eventually Pelant  escapes their clutches, but not without taking down Special Agent Flynn  in the process; it’s unclear whether or not he’s dead.

Just from a logical perspective, there are some questions going unanswered  in this Pelant story arc. They never explained how he wiped his identity  and came out clean on the other side. I know he’s supposed to be this  super high-tech hacker/IT genius. But I’m going to need someone to break  that down a little better. Maybe a Venn diagram of sorts? Other than  that, I enjoy this story overall. Bones writers are especially adept at continuing story  lines throughout the course of the season without it feeling like the  main focus of every episode. We probably won’t hear much from or even  about Pelant in the next few weeks, but I sense that we’ll get some  closure as we near the finale.

I really like the family dynamic amongst this team at the Jeffersonian.  When one or more of them are at risk — in this case Angela and Hodgens  — they take care of each other. Their first priority is each other,  and there are minimal distractions when one of them is in need. Speaking  of need! It will be interesting to see how this loss of fortune works  out for Hodgens and Angela. At the end of the episode, they have to  choose between stopping Pelant from blowing up a school full of little  girls in Kandahar Province or draining all of their bank accounts. Yeah,  that was a little dramatic. So now they’re poor, I guess? We’ll see.

We’re left with some feelings of trepidation as Brennan and Booth  sit in their living room with baby Christine. He wonders what will happen  next, and you have to wonder along with him. Pelant is getting personal  and if he’s not afraid to strike Angela and Hodgens, it’s just a matter  of time before he comes after them as well. The coolest and also the  creepiest scene is the last one, as Pelant stitches up his own face  with a needle and thread. It seems that Booth did get a hit after all  — even more reason to know Pelant will be coming after them. We’ll  have to wait and see what happens. Until then, it’s back to work for  Brennan and the rest of the team.

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

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