Bones: The But in the Joke


by Shawnie Kelly (@DearShawnie)

This week on Bones, we get decomposing human remains glued to a famous artist, Booth performing a comedy routine, and Angela kissing randoms! Our victim is Morgan Donnelly — telemarketer by day, comedian extraordinaire by night. Donnelly’s remains are found when famous street artist “Dez” falls from his perch on a billboard to which he is super-gluing his art. Dez lands perfectly on the remains and wakens to the FBI and paramedics standing over him… and a dead guy glued to his back. Probably happens all the time, right? To separate Dez from Donnelly’s body, the lab team uses peanut butter, which may or may not have ruined my favorite snack.

The suspects are narrowed down to Donnelly’s girlfriend who has accused him of cheating, his telemarketing boss — who’s girlfriend left him for Donnelly — and some of his joke writers from the comedy club. Throughout the investigation, we find out that intern Fisher is actually a comedian! Well, he’s more of a speaker of dark “truths,” which is a thing I guess. I really liked the comedy-driven plot of this episode because it focused on the contrast between the old and the new with Donnelly’s girlfriend noting that he hated shticks, and Booth talking about his love for the classic Steve Martin arrow through the head bit. Who doesn’t love Steve Martin?! Arrow through the head will never stop being funny, even if Sweets doesn’t laugh. Get it together, Sweets. And by that I mean, have better taste in things.

Another interesting angle this episode explores is Angela’s shift from firecracker with an attitude to the tame mommy-mode version of Angela. She gets a traffic ticket and doesn’t want to challenge it; Hodgens questions who she has become. When Dez, the rouge street artist, finds her artwork, he compliments her “technique” and not the content. She had ideas once and those came through in her old paintings, but her recent work is cookie-cutter and boring. This devastates her because she idolizes Dez, and even kisses him — which Hodgens is strangely fine with. A mini life crisis is averted when Angela goes to the street where she received the ticket and vandalizes (er, paints) a brick wall with her thoughts on the injustice of her traffic ticket. Dez loves the work and all confidence is restored to Angela!

Back in the lab, it’s determined that blunt force trauma is the cause of death for poor Donnelly. And who is the culprit? None other than his girlfriend’s brother. Donnelly had recently informed her brother that he was leaving his girlfriend and moving to New York to pursue comedy. The brother got mad and killed him. Is it kind of sweet that he loved his sister so much? I can’t decide. Probably not, though.

Despite the gruesome death, this episode was just the kind of lighthearted murder investigation that Bones fans know and love. The best part was seeing Booth try his hand at standup. It kind of worked! But, also keep your day job, Booth. Oh, and I liked when Angela got her groove back because we were all wondering about that; not really. Overall, great episode!

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

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