Bob’s Burgers: Aquaticism Recap


By: Jenny Moore

This past Sunday, FOX released two new episodes of Bob’s Burgers. *Cue Jenny doing a happy dance in her apartment.* For this article, I will only be giving a synopsis of episode 14, titled “Aquaticism.”

The episode begins with the three Belcher kids inside an aquarium where they learn from the owner, Judy, that the place will be closing soon due to a lack of funding. In fact, Judy has so little money, she cannot even afford to pay her taxes. To help keep it open, Tina tries (and fails) to get pedestrians that pass by the entrance to the aquarium to go inside.

Note: This scene is a great reason why I love watching this show. Tina’s monologue is laugh-out-loud funny. If you’re looking for another episode where Tina tries to sell to pedestrians and gives hilarious one liners, be sure to watch S2E5 “Food Truckin’.”

Gene, Tina, and Louise arrive in the restaurant shortly after and tell their parents, as well as their two best customers, Teddy and Mort, about the predicament at the aquarium. Mort then mentions that it is too bad that the business is not a church, because then Judy would not have to pay taxes and could remain open. Oh, hello foreshadowing.

Intrigued by the idea, Louise walks Gene and Tina back to the aquarium and tells Judy that with a few easy steps, she could save her business by turning it into a church called Aquaticism. Although skeptical of the idea at first, Louise assures Judy that “everyone lies on the internet” and that filling out the IRS forms to save her business is not a big deal. After filing the papers, Judy receives a notification only moments later that someone will be by to inspect her business. Judy begins to panic but is reassured by the Belcher children that with a little makeover, or “church-over” as Louise calls it, they can definitely pass the inspection.

After a quick check-in with Bob and Linda at Bob’s Burgers where we see the kids making church paraphernalia, we return back to the aquarium where the IRS inspector, Agent Flanley, reviews the space. He then provides Judy with the paperwork she needs to register as a church and decides that he thinks the concept of Aquaticism is special and feels like he belongs. After glancing around the aquarium lovingly, he finds an activities calendar on the wall and decides that he would like to attend their singles mixer event the next evening.

The kids then return back to the restaurant where they tell Bob, Linda, Mort, and Teddy about what happened and how they need them to attend the mixer. As Bob begins to tell them what a terrible idea it is to be a part of tax fraud, Linda insists that they should pitch in to help make up for all the fish that Bob hurt “with all of the poops that he flushed into the ocean.” Although Bob disagrees with Linda’s logic, group decides to attend.

At the mixer, Louise and Tina notice that Agent Flanley is having such a good time at the event that he might want to return week after week to the church and that they might be stuck helping Judy forever. To help drive him away, Louise tells him that the baptism consists of submerging yourself into a tank in the middle of the aquarium that is full of jellyfish who will sting you repeatedly. Gene then gives a colorful illustration that the baptism feels “like getting a circumcision for your whole body except your penis.” The children then walk away confidently only to find Roger jumping into the tank shortly after.

Shocked that he actually goes through with it, Tina blurts out that they made it all up to get out of paying taxes. Roger is then shocked that the jellyfish do not sting him at first but then realizes what Tina says to him as he is stung several times.

A text that reads one week later appears in front of an IRS building where the Belcher children arrive to visit Roger in his office to apologize for what happened. They then learn that he only wanted to join their church because he liked Judy. When Tina then tries to convince Roger to ask Judy out, he quickly rejects her idea. It then cuts to Tina, Gene, and Louise at the aquarium telling Judy about their encounter with Roger as she begins to close her aquarium for good. The episode ends with Roger walking in and awkwardly asking her out on a date to which she enthusiastically accepts. Cue the cheesy awwww sound.

Note: For time’s sake, I left out the second story line between Bob and Linda at the restaurant. In it, Bob discovers that he is not very charming to his customers, which causes them to give him terrible tips. Throughout the episode, Linda tries to give him tricks that she uses but it seems to fail for him each time.

Bottom Line: This episode is full of hilarious dialogue throughout that helps reassure you as to why you loved watching this show in the first place. The only thing I wish the series would reincorporate is the musical tendencies they had throughout their earlier seasons. So far this season, the only episode we have been given where this was the case was the premiere episode, which was probably the best episode so far, right?! If you’re in need of a refresher of what their musical episodes are like, I would highly recommend watching the last two episodes of season four.

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