Blood Bowl 2 Review


By: Thomas Riccardi (@ThomasRiccardi1)

Every Sunday there are legions of people who gather in their homes, bars, and stadiums to watch their teams in the great sport of football. Teams clash on the field as they try to outscore each other in a race for the championship. But there is another sport that is played on the same type of field that can run crimson and the ball is covered in iron spikes. Elves, Orcs, and other creatures hulk on the field trying to get the ball into the end zone. This is the setting of Blood Bowl 2, one of the latest games from Focus Home Interactive.

This sequel to the great Games Workshop board game has more than a few improvements over the original. Yes, you will still be able to play the game online or off against various races such as Orcs, Skaven, and Dwarves. However, there is a deeper mode of customization not only by the teams, but the stadiums as well. You can customize the jerseys for your team to give them a signature look that will strike terror into your opponents. For the first time, the stadiums can also be customized and each of the major races has their own type of stadium. So this means there are at least 20 versions of the stadiums that can be seen throughout gameplay.

Other new features that have been added to its predecessor include a completely new race. The Bretonnian Knights now have joined the ranks of this sport as you lead them in a quest for fame and glory. The AI has also been revamped as well, making the game a bit harder than the first one so you will have to rethink your tactics in order to win matches. Another grand improvement of Blood Bowl 2 has to be its presentation as it is more polished from the original. Instead of just jumping into matches and having a bit of commentary from the Cabal Vision hosts Jim and Bob, we get to see them now in 3D. They introduce matches, provide commentary, and just give a more in depth experience to the game.

But the best feature about Blood Bowl 2 has to be a single player campaign mode that has been added to the game. Yes, you heard me right; you will be able to play as the Reikland Reavers as this team quits after you win the first match. You are then tasked with coaching this failing team by hiring players and directing them through match after match. Along the way, you will be offered various sponsorships and it is up to you to decide which ones to go after. But be warned as not every deal is as it seems and the more successful you become, the greater the risk the Reikland Reavers will suffer. I loved this new feature as it provides a deeper experience than just going to play either online or off as you want to lead your team to glory.

While new players will love the single player campaign, the veterans know and love the multiplayer aspect of this game. You can create one-off matches either locally via hot seat or online as your team will gain experience from each match played. But be warned, as the sport of Blood Bowl is completely unforgiving as your players can get injured or even die out on the field. You will also need to manage the roster and train rookies as the veteran players will age out and retire so just focusing on a core set of players is ill-advised in the long run.

Graphically, the game is a giant leap forward from the original as the game uses a completely new engine to power it. The players and environments not only look better, but also act better as each race has its own animations and quirks on everything they do. From the way an Orc delivers a hit to the way a Skaven celebrates a touchdown, these new features make the experience that much more enjoyable. Couple that with a new graphical UI that is easy to use and you have a game that everyone is going to want to play.

Veterans and new players alike should check out this game as it has great graphics, a stunning single player campaign, and an immersive experience. For more information on this game, head over to and get ready to win the day.

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