The Big Bang Theory- The Indecision Amalgamation


by Kevin Rigdon (@pralix1138)

It has become the quintessential question of our age. There are no easy answers, no clearly proven better choice. There are only the specs, questionable marketing claims, and rabid online evangelists who can see nothing good in the other side. Thousands upon thousands of web pages, tweets, status updates, and comments have been poured into figuring out the answer. This crushing existential crisis gets tackled on the newest episode of The Big Bang Theory, “The Indecision Amalgamation”: which next-gen gaming console to buy?

Sheldon is torn; so torn, in fact, that we begin with him employing a dubious method of decision-making wherein the decider (i.e. Sheldon) waits until he has a full bladder to make this decision –a decision, which will affect their entire social group for the next decade to come, but he just can’t do it. When Penny mentions “water-works” in reference to her being able to cry on command in her latest audition, it sends poor Sheldon, screaming, to the bathroom.

Having failed to make a decision using the full-bladder method, Sheldon tries to get Amy’s input on their date night. In a hilariously familiar scene that I’m sure many, if not all, of us can identify with, Sheldon doesn’t think that Amy’s taking his dilemma seriously. Bialik (Amy), and Parsons (Sheldon) absolutely killed this scene. It’s now my favorite scene of the season. Needless to say, Sheldon leaves without coming to a decision. Then, having done all the research he could and conducting an informal poll, Sheldon has made his decision…that is, until he gets to the store. He just doesn’t want to be on the wrong side of history again after the Betamax and Zune fiascos. Sheldon’s indecision becomes so intense that after the store closes without him having made a purchase, he can’t even decide on what he wants to eat.

While Sheldon is struggling with important questions, Penny and Raj have their own, admittedly far less important, decisions to make. Penny didn’t get the part where she could cry on command, but that pesky Serial Apeist sequel has come back around. There’s no help for the script. It’s worse than bad. Uncertain if she should do it on the off chance something good may come out of it, Penny and Leonard seek out Wil Wheaton for some professional advice. What starts out as a little get-together to ask Wil’s professional opinion on whether or not Penny should take the role becomes quite depressing for Wil since he’s no longer the cute kid that played in Stand By Me. After this little chat, Wil may spend the next couple weeks in bed. Well, Penny decides to take the part after all, and it turns out that the bikini-clad orangutan that she has to oil wrestle is none other than Wil Wheaton.

Raj has a different sort of decision to make and that is whether to be honest or not. After running into Emily whom he met through the dating website, he somehow manages to obtain a date from her. But this is where the decision-making comes in. His ex-girlfriend, Lucy, emails him and wants to reconnect. Everyone suggests that he should go out with both of them. He’s no intimate connection with either of them after all, unless we’re counting the handshake with Lucy that was loaded with sexual innuendo. But he can’t do it. He feels deceitful about the whole thing, so on his date with Emily, they discuss what he should do, which leads to positive results and her thinking that he’s adorable. So, give the point to Raj. He did well without meaning to just because he wants to be honest.

This latest episode shows how good the show can still be as it nears the end of its seventh season. I’m looking forward to the next three years and seeing where the writers can take these maturing characters and still keep it funny and new.

Rating: 5 out of 5 Stars

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