Being Human: It’s a Shame about Ray


by Megan Gotch

Could this  show get any better?! We fans have been waiting nine LONG months for Being Human’s return and it was worth the wait.  This show never disappoints.  I  cannot get enough of those awesome one liners and sarcasm, even in tense  situations.  The best husband/wife writing team in TV is Anna Fricke  and Jeremy Carver.

I think I had a bought of sympathetic claustrophobia when Aidan is shown  in his grave prison screaming.  He is finally dug up by a human,  Mickey, after being grounded for fifteen months.  A vampire virus has  erupted and he is unaware until now.  Aidan is quite out of it and the  fact that Mickey is using him as a blood bag isn’t helping.  Mickey  has Aidan “under control” with a freaky homemade Hannibal mask.  Bravo, Sam Witwer!  Also, he better be alive next episode!  If he needs  saving, I am available.

Speaking of Sam, Sam Huntington was going through quite the ordeal  too.  He and his girlfriend, Nora, (who is a wolf still while Josh is  NOT!) have spent the last fifteen months searching for Sally to no avail.   When they finally do find someone who can help them, they have  to go dig up Ray (who Josh killed last season with a rock), cut out  his heart, then dig up Sally’s body as well!  There was a lot of digging  in this episode!

Sally, these last fifteen months, is lost in limbo trying to find  a way out for herself and her friends Stevie and Nick.  When she finally  does see the light, sent from Josh, all three of them enter and end  up inside Sally’s new/old body!

This show also has the best soundtrack on TV!  Last season it was sprinkled  with Royal Wood, who became one of my new favorite artists.  Cannot wait  to see what is to come this season for the characters and our ears! See  you back next week! Being Human, making Mondays matter only on SyFy!

(Side note, Continuum airs before and it wasn’t half bad. I’ll be checking that out again  next week.)

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars (would have been 5 stars if there was more  of Sam Witwer)

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