Being Human: (Dead) Girls Just Want to Have Fun


by Megan Gotch (@TheNerdyGirlie)

Look! Sally is in regular clothes!  She has such a room-brightening smile. You can just tell how much fun  Meaghan Rath is having with the new turn her character has taken. I  cannot wait to see if anything happens between Aidan and Sally now that  Sally is alive. Could she turn vampire? That is what I love about this  show; you never know what direction they’ll take!

The father of twin purebred  werewolves, Brynn and Connor McLean, has come looking for them.  He finds  Connor dead on a wall of a vampire nest. Obviously, Aidan didn’t take  the time to bury him after he shot him last season. Mr. McLean is very  mad and looking to exact revenge on the culprit, who he has yet to find.

Sally has enlisted Josh, Nora  and Aidan to take her out to celebrate her new life.  Aidan is out; weakened  by fifteen months underground, he is in search of clean blood not infected  by the vampire-killing virus. Nora is out since it is the full moon. So  that just leaves Josh and Sally. Under strict orders from Donna, the  witch who revived Sally, she is to never see anyone from her past life.  Josh is worried, especially when Sally is spotted by an old acquaintance, Trent.  She is stoked, Josh not so much, but he gives in and lets Sally have  a bit of fun. Turns out that fun kills people.

Aidan is desperate enough for  blood that he will buy it on the black market from werewolves. His prodigy, Henry,  comes to his reuse and takes him back to his apartment, where he and  his virus-free girlfriend live. Come to find out that Emma is indeed  virus-free, but being kept against her will. Aidan decides to free her  and Henry is a bit miffed.

While Josh is taking the night  off from guarding Nora’s storage unit as she turns, Nora is confronted  by the McLean twin’s father. He interrogates her about where Brynn is  and decides that they are to change together. Josh comes to open the  unit in the morning to find it ripped apart and Nora missing.

Now that there are two supernatural  beings living in the house with two humans, there are so many different  combos as to what could happen! Nora turns Josh again. Aidan turns Sally.  But those are just the obvious. The Being Human writers are much smarter than  that. Cannot wait to see what is to come!

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

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