Becoming: An Iron Man Body Paint Tutorial


By: Victoria Righthand (@nosilvernogold)

Avengers part deux!! For my Avengers body paint series, here is my second act with a Tony Stark/Iron Man look. I’ve seen a few versions online of Iron Man and a few Tony Stark faces and a mix of some two-faced Tony/Iron Man so I decided to give both a go! I’ve always wanted to do a proper Tony Stark contour and goatee and this was the perfect opportunity. It’s Tony in his Iron Man suit and no helmet! This was so much fun to put together and a much easier task for those a little apprehensive of trying out the Captain America tutorial. I combine my skills of body paint with basic makeup and contour skills in this tutorial. I’ve always loved Robert Downey Jr.’s Iron Man and you have to give the man props for starting this insane Marvel movie universe! I also loved the idea of doing both Captain America and Iron Man to start myself off because Captain America: Civil War just started production. Stay tuned for some more fun, geeky tutorials coming your way! 

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