Battlestar Galactica: Blood and Chrome Finale


By Ashley Binion

This week Machinima released the last installment of the Battlestar Galactica spin-off, Blood and Chrome. Last time, Cylons attacked the ski lodge on the resort moon, which was turned into a Cylon storage facility. Dr. Kelly and Adama slept together. And while the Cylons were attacking, one cornered and scanned Dr. Kelly’s dog tag, which was quite interesting.

Warning: Spoilers ahead!

The trio of Adama, Coker, and Dr. Kelly began to look for Xander Toth, the lone survivor of the snake –like monster attack. According to Coker, he continued to fight and take on the machines. However, from that point on, there was neither mention nor sighting of Toth. To me, not seeing him again was somewhat disappointing and a glaring plot hole that they didn’t tie up.

Coker, as he had been throughout the installments, continued to push to go home.  Again, he was outvoted and became enraged. Pulling a gun on the doctor, he demanded to know why they were there. She told them she was there to upload a virus from her dog tag into the Cylon network. They were off to trek through the moon.

They made it to the transition array center where she began to upload the virus. However, Coker saw Battlestar blueprints on the screen, which instantly made him suspect she was a spy, so he shot her. His suspicions were confirmed. Dr. Kelly was transmitting information about the ghost fleet to the machines. She shot Coker and Adama.

Dr. Kelly rationalized that there was no way the humans could win, that the Cylons were merely defending themselves, and that they valued life more than humans. She pulled the trigger on Adama again, but the gun was out of ammo. Obviously, I knew that Adama couldn’t die because that would completely change the mythology of the show and erase over 100 hours of excellent television.

Adama destroyed the console and limped out with Coker in tow, leaving the traitorous doctor. While they waited for rescue, Coker revealed he has a wife. This took me by surprise because he seemed as if he was a lone wolf type. But this could explain why he desperately wanted to go home.  With that, Adama checked his pulse and he appeared to die. I became attached to Coker because they made a great team, a yin and yang type of relationship, and it seemed as if they needed each other out in the field.

Meanwhile, the doctor was lying in the information center where a voice asked if she was alive. It was Number Six! Albeit, a halfway built Number Six, but Number Six all the same. My mind was blown! I was ecstatic to hear Tricia Helfer’s voice. It was interesting to see how she was only partially built, so you could see the mechanical pieces.  Number Six, in a nice callback to the ‘04 pilot, snapped the doctor’s neck.

Back on the Galactica, the Commander told Adama the mission was successful. Meaning, they wanted the Cylons to have the location of the ghost fleet, so the Colonials would be able to hit them hard, which they did. Here you see his ethic code, prevalent throughout the ‘04 series, beginning to form. Adama was offered a position as a viper pilot in a special mission, and he picked out his call name, “Husker,” the name Coker called him throughout their mission. Speaking of Coker, he actually survived and planned to finish out his tour.  It ended with a montage of “Husker,” set to the famous Battlestar Galactica music, climbing into his viper and flying out of Galactica onto another mission.

For those who want to catch it on DVD/Blu-Ray it will be released February 13, 2013. Syfy will also be airing the pilot/TV movie sometime in February.

The pilot was thoroughly enjoyable, and it would be great to see it go to series since they left the ending open, but it probably won’t happen. There were some slow moments, but the amazing action and CGI sequences more than made up for them. Also, I didn’t grow an attachment to Dr. Kelly, which I think as an audience we should have. Saying that, it fit perfectly within the Battlestar Galactica universe and it was great to see Adama as a rookie. So say we all!

Finale Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

Entire Blood and Chrome rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

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