Attack on Titan Begins Production on Season 2


By: Haylee Fisher (@haylee_fisher)

Hugely popular anime Attack on Titan aired its first season a year ago. Since then, fans have been clamoring for more, especially wondering when the second season would come out. Well, wonder no more: it has been revealed season two went into production last month! However, despite that confirmation, it is still not known when it will premiere.

To tide fans over until that time, two new original episodes have been announced that will air between now and then. They will be based on the prequel manga called “Attack on Titan: No Regrets” and will be released alongside the 15th volume of the story, which comes out on Dec. 9 this year, and the 16th volume, which arrives April 9 next year.

Additionally, the English-dubbed first season will be split in two and compiled into films that will be released in theaters. Look for the first, called “Attack on Titan Part 1: Crimson Bow and Arrow” and which covers the first 13 episodes, on Nov. 22 this year. The second film, “Attack on Titan Part 2: Wings of Freedom,” will cover the remaining episodes and will be released sometime in 2015.

Excited about the new season? Will you go see the movies in theaters?


  1. VinceSeptember 15th, 2014 at 1:49 pm

    Seriously just peed a little…

  2. Sarah ASeptember 15th, 2014 at 1:57 pm

    I am so psyched for attack on titan’s new release! It is a show that i can never NOT like.

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