Arrow: Who Are You Review


By: Ashley Binion

Arrow left viewers with a huge cliffhanger back in December. “Who Are You?” started right where the previous episode left off, answering all of the audience’s questions.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

After months of speculation, the Laurel who showed up in the Quiver is Earth-2 Laurel. It’s amazing that the Arrowverse is so expansive – and nuts! – that a doppleganger could easily explain away any appearance using another series and its characters and explained well enough to have the main character not question it. Who would’ve thought that at the beginning of the series that time and universe travel would be so normal that no would blink an eye?

I do believe the series missed an opportunity in how they dealt with Black Siren. It would have been so easy and so entertaining to have her join the team as a villain and eventually turn into a hero. Instead, they are introducing yet another character. The season already has enough new faces that adding another one is superfluous. Katie Cassidy did a wonderful job playing Black Siren and it was easy to tell she enjoyed it immensely. Hopefully since the character is back at S.T.A.R. Labs, Cassidy will return once in awhile.

Speaking of adding a new character, I’m totally pumped about the addition of Talia al Ghul to the flashbacks. If she is half as fun as Nyssa al Ghul, we are in for some good times. Overall, the flashbacks in the episode were once again strong.

Felicity felt a little out of character throughout the episode. Her taking charge during a mission and giving defiant orders to Team Arrow felt off. Even though the character has grown leaps and bounds into a strong character who is a hero in her own right, it felt like the series was trying too hard to show her in a place of strength. She has had a solid arc this season, but “Who Are You?” pushed the development a little too far.

However, I did enjoy the monologue to Earth-2 Laurel about Oliver’s redemption. It was written excellently and performed very well by Emily Bett Rickards. And, for the first time in the series, Oliver and Felicity genuinely felt like equal partners. Oliver has expressed many times that she is his partner but it has always felt like she and Diggle were his sidekicks. This episode proved that they are indeed partners. Hopefully the series continues to use her in this way.

Felicity being out in the field is an aspect of the series that I have been missing. Having her return to the field in “Who Are You?” was a pleasant surprise. I thought those days were over.

Finally, the series is at last acknowledging how horrible Curtis has been in the field. I loved when Wild Dog had some verbal jabs about how awful he is as a vigilante. I’m glad Arrow has realized their mistake.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

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  1. JeymienJanuary 27th, 2017 at 11:26 am

    Hey – about Felicity taking charge and giving orders – I took that as a character response to Billy’s death and to what happened in Season 4 with the bomb etc. In some ways, the way she is reacting is classic ptsd. She’s on edge, she’s angry. She wants control. With another danger (in her viewpoint) showing up, she’s not going to let herself be passive. It’s hypervigilance (that’s what caused her to order the team to shoot on Black Siren, it’s what caused her to disbelieve Laurel). I think it’s more subtle than them showing Oliver’s PTSD (since the very beginning of the show they’ve been hitting us over the head with that) and definitely not as overt as them showing Curtis’s that episode..

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