Arrow: Uprising Review


By: Ashley Binion (@ashleybinion)

For two episodes Oliver Queen has been absent from Starling City. In this time the rest of Team Arrow has stepped up to honor their dead friend’s memory, to save The Glades. (See what I kind of did there?) “Uprising” brings the conflict with Brick to a climax and tests the team.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

Surprisingly, the episode focused heavily on Malcolm, even giving the character his own set of flashbacks. It’s crazy to see how much the character has changed. He once was a loving and charismatic husband and father, but the death of his wife Rebecca destroyed him. It destroyed him enough to leave his son, kill the alleged murderer, destroy the Glades and join the League of Assassins. It has to be said, Barrowman’s hair was so awful. I don’t get it, what’s with this show and bad wigs? However, I do get they are trying to demonstrate the length of time that’s past with a different hairstyle, but that was just bad.

Malcolm has been weighed down by death and once again the series has shown that getting revenge does nothing to heal the pain of loss. Thanks to Oliver, after years of searching for a way to avenge his wife he’s finally realized that he has a second shot of being the father to Thea that he should have been for Tommy. As a result he didn’t kill Brick. The last piece of his soul was saved.

Instead of returning a changed man from his near death experience, Oliver came back more determined than ever, which is seen in his team up with his best friend’s father. This is something he would’ve never done but now he has no choice. Ra’s Al Ghul will soon send the League after him and when he does Oliver needs to be ready.

With Oliver gone, the team had to find a new way to settle differences of opinions. Team Arrow was always a dictatorship with Oliver as the one in charge and running the show. Without him the team is left as just that, a team. Not one person being better than the others but instead getting to a decision as a group. It was fascinating watching them have their first big disagreement over working with Merlyn. Instead of one person telling everyone what to do they put it to a vote, much like a democracy.

Inviting Sin and Ted to help incite the rebellion was a great concept I was excited to watch play out. The rebellion in the Glades fell a little flat after the initial fighting. After the beginning it wasn’t returned to. I wish they would have had another shot of them fighting after Laurel tended to Grant, there was no real ending. Once the Arrow appeared the focus shifted away from the riot to the quieter and probably more intense moment of Malcolm attempting to murder Brick.

I loved that “failed this city” made a return this episode. It felt a little weird having Roy say it but I’m glad he decided to take up that mantle. Then it was inspiring when Oliver said the people of the Glades didn’t fail the city in his little rallying speech,   

Finally someone is catching on about Sara not being Sara. Sin knew right away when she saw Laurel tending to Ted that Sara wouldn’t do that, Sara would fight. I’m glad Sin told Papa Lance her concerns. It’s about time he learned the truth. Oh and him telling Roy he knew it was him in the Arsenal suit was classic.

Seeing the little child versions of Oliver, Tommy, and Nyssa was hilarious, especially Nyssa. Watching her wielding a sword, and so expertly, at such a young age was a little disturbing but I would expect nothing less from the Heir to the Demon. And Nyssa to be the one to give him the nickname The Magician was perfect.

Shouldn’t Thea get a little suspicious that her brother returns the same night the Arrow appears? It’s awfully coincidental.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars

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