Arrow: Unfinished Business


by Noor Alnaqeeb


This week we’re back to Vertigo and The Count as a girl runs wild and straight into traffic after partying at Oliver and Tommy’s club. Detective Lance believes that the 10,000 dollars missing from the club’s “books” means that the dynamic duo might have something to do with it. Even though Lance never wanted to pursue the case, he knew he had to in order to spare his daughter and her boyfriend the same interrogation from another detective. Oliver went to interrogate The Count and was chased away by his lack of sanity and Detective Lance’s arrival. With no way of proving The Count was behind the rerelease of Vertigo, Oliver was stuck for a solution. That is until he found out that The Count had escaped from the mental asylum. P.S.: Anyone else realize that Oliver literally flipped a table after hearing the news about The Count’s escape?

Tommy and Oliver’s friendship was tested in “Unfinished Business” and Tommy might be heading for the dark side; they might not have cookies but they have job offers and fatherly love. After Detective Lance’s accusation that Tommy might have something to do with Vertigo being sold in their club, Oliver begun to believe the lie. Tommy had paid off the club inspector in order to skip their inspection. All the evidence pointed to Tommy and it was not looking good. However, at the end of the episode it was revealed that Tommy had paid off the inspector to protect Oliver and his not-so-secret underground crime fighting lair. With an extremely close call after Detective Lance almost walked into Oliver’s lair and the room had somehow been replaced by a room filled with storage boxes, Oliver might want to be more careful with where he leaves his toys. Tommy muttered an excuse to Lance that included something about trying to hide an outdated ventilation system and Detective Lance had failed to catch Oliver arrow-handed once again. As tension built between the best friends Tommy pointed out that Oliver accused and judged Tommy before he could even think to defend himself, meanwhile Oliver’s double standards allow him to go around killing people while everyone is none the wiser. Tommy: 1, Oliver: 0. Tommy eventually quits the club and takes a job… with his father.

Speaking of tension between buddies, Diggle and Oliver did not see eye to eye this week. Diggle was secretly hunting down Deadshot with Felicity in order to carry out revenge. Double-standards Oliver found out and mentioned that personal vendettas do not take priority above criminals who have “failed this city.” Now that’s hardly fair. Oliver saw the error of his ways and decided to help Diggle find and assassinate Deadshot. The main event of this episode seemed to be that of the return of The Count. However, as the plot unraveled it was revealed that the jumpy doctor who had psychoanalyzed The Count was the mastermind behind the entire scheme. He had analyzed the tissue of The Count’s kidneys to extract the formula of Vertigo, enhanced it and started selling it again. I’m not exactly sure how biologically believable that is but hey, Arrow isn’t exactly filled with believable plot lines and standard characters.

This week’s flashback presented us with the budding romance between Shado and Slade, or Shado and Oliver… Maybe all three. After all, what happens in Purgatory, stays in Purgatory. Shado spends the flashback trying to teach Oliver how to fight after demonstrating her “bad ass”-ness while sparring with Slade in front of Oliver. Her master plan of turning Oliver into the ultimate fighter is to slap a bowl of water over and over again. Yeah, I don’t really get it either. Shado then tells Oliver, after countless water-slaps, to arch a bow and he does it flawlessly. Kind of indicative of the “wax off-wax on” Karate Kid style, but it worked so congratulations Oliver. This flashback was a nice break from the intensity of what-where-why-how-when are we getting of the island? As Shado was trained by her father, it’ll be interesting to see Oliver eventually develop the Arrow-esque fighting moves that make every fight scene worth watching. With the past few weeks Arrow has hit the bullseye with their plots, characters and mysterious twists. This week seemed to be disjointed between the various plot lines but one thing’s for sure: Arrow is definitely a series worth waiting for. The next episode airs on the 24th of April and with the title “Home Invasion,” something tells me it’s going to be one hell of an episode.

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars


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