Arrow: The Undertaking


by Noor Alnaqeeb (@nooralnaqeeb)


This week on Arrow a lot of unanswered questions were brought to light. First and foremost, we were finally introduced to a life before The Hood, before the Queen’s Gambit went missing and before Oliver’s stint on the island. This week’s flashback was not of the island, but of the events leading up the Oliver and his father taking a trip they’d never easily walk away from. Laurel had just blissfully asked Oliver if they could move in together, Moira had just gotten her husband to promise not to get involved with Malcolm Merlyn’s evil scheme to “level The Glades by natural disaster” and Oliver was as brat-like as possible. Let me draw your attention to the segment where he asked his father for pizza money because “the pizza guy couldn’t break a 100 dollar bill”.

Back to the present day, a lot was revealed as well. After a cheesy, but appreciated Casablanca reference Oliver told Laurel to confront Tommy and have a conversation about why they broke up. She did. And she did not understand his answer. Tommy had said that “[Laurel] and Oliver belong together” and that Oliver was still in love with Laurel. Laurel then went to Oliver repeated the conversation and told him to go tell Tommy that he isn’t, to which Oliver replied that he couldn’t because he’d have more lies in his life. And as the shock resonated on her face, cue Katie Cassidy’s best acting of the series. Another shocking aspect of this week’s events was the return of Walter Steele, a character I thought they forgot about. During one of The Hood’s crusades, a laptop was retrieved and a large transaction of money on the 12th of December (the date of Walter’s abduction) led him to the abductee. A bit of card counting, undercover work and backhanded threatening from Felicity and they were led to the source and to believe that Walter was dead. Oliver broke the news to his family to which Moira reacted by confronting Merlyn all the while The Hood was listening to the conversation, finally leading Oliver to the truth; that his mother is in agreement with Malcolm Merlyn. Now how’s that for a bit of family gossip?

Malcolm: “I’m sorry I had to take him from you, Moira.”

Moira: “If anyone’s to blame for Robert’s death, it’s me.”

The glimpse into what their lives were like before the involvement of Malcolm Merlyn was heartbreaking. Moira was unsuspecting and in love. Oliver was admittedly in love but being an idiot about it. And Thea was nowhere to be seen, come to think of it. Now, their lives are filled with lies, betrayal and caution. Oliver took it into his own hands and went to Diggle with the truth. He apologized and admitted he was wrong. Very unlike Oliver. But Oliver wasn’t himself in the last few scenes, he was betrayed by his own mother while trying to fix his father’s mistakes. As the season is coming to an end, we can only imagine what note the season finale will end on, but we know it’s going to be good.

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

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