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by Noor Alnaqeeb (@nooralnaqeeb)


Before we go onto “The Huntress Returns” here’s a not-so-quick recap of the insanely intense episode “Dead to Rights.”

The episode began with another assassin who had “failed his city” followed by Arrow assassinating the assassin; the same assassin who just so happened to be hired by Oliver’s mother to kill Tommy’s father. It was Tommy’s birthday this episode with a surprise visit from his estranged father to invite him to a humanitarian award ceremony in honor of Mr. Merlyn; chuckles for the line “Did they run out of actual humans to give it to?” Speaking of estranged, Laurel’s mother is back with big news: she thinks Sarah is alive. Oliver and Tommy have two heart-to-hearts. One as Oliver, slick as a 1930’s comb-over, gets closer to finding the assassin’s target in a Chinese diner. The other after Oliver (no big deal or anything) reveals his Arrow-self to Tommy in order to save Tommy’s father. Tommy spoke about how his father had left him for two years after his mother died. After asking his father where he went, he said, “I met a man, he helped me make sense of things. He helped me to find a purpose for my life; to make this city a better place for everyone.” Sounds vaguely familiar, eh? Malcolm apparently does not believe he has failed his city just yet. Random tidbits: McKenna and Oliver are still getting it on. Lance and Arrow are still in contact. No one seemed to notice three dead men lying on a kitchen floor. It was nice to see China White back in action. Deadshot is still alive. Oliver finally mentioned his anger towards his father. There was mention of a canary in reference to Laurel. And during a flashback sequence Oliver got a radio working and they discovered a Russian “monster” weapon. All in all, probably the best episode this series has given us as of yet.

Now for “The Huntress Returns”:

In “The Huntress Returns,” the Huntress returned. She’s back and still looking for her father’s head on a plate. Meanwhile, Oliver has to deal with a pissed off best friend and a club opening. Helena uses their club opening and Oliver’s soft spot for friends and family to threaten Tommy and get Oliver to help her kill her father. Tommy, on the same literally twisted hand, can’t believe Oliver kills people but thankfully sees the light and realizes “the toll it must take” on Oliver, keeping a secret from everyone he loves.

In other news, Speedy has bumped into Speedy (Roy) again. Thea got male Speedy a job as a valet employee at Oliver’s club but he never showed and prompted female Speedy to show up at his door. He stereotypically turned her richness away and she got attacked by thugs. I mean, if you’re going to chill in The Glades so often you’re just increasing your chances of getting killed. Male Speedy however came to the rescue with kick ass fight moves. He got stabbed, she wooed over him, they went to the hospital and he is scared of needles. Solution? She kisses him to distract the tough guy while the needle penetrates his skin. I like this weird-yet-kind-of-functional budding romance.

Speaking of budding romances, Oliver’s has come to a complete stop. Before the final showdown McKenna and Oliver were getting it on while Felicity was held at arrow-point by Helena to get her father’s location. During the final showdown between the Huntress and Arrow, McKenna got caught in the crossfire and decided to move in with her sister to recover. I’m guessing her sister doesn’t exist as a cast member in Arrow Land. So Helena has made contact, too much contact, almost fatal contact with Tommy, Felicity and McKenna. This psycho ex-girlfriend has to go.

During yet another one of our handy dandy flashbacks Oliver and Slade used Oliver’s pilot-communication-fixing skills, ambushed six soldiers and took hold of the Russian country-killer. And to trade the vital part of the machine, Oliver’s ransom is a way off the island. Hmm. Interesting.

Oliver’s problem prior to trying to kill Helena and her not dying was that he saw the good in her. He saw her as a lost puppy, an armed lost puppy with an aggressive homicidal agenda, but a puppy nevertheless. Tommy’s problem is that he’s aware of Oliver’s main problem, you know, his secret identity compromising his normal life – that tiny problem. Laurel knows something is up and confronts Tommy but he doesn’t budge. Loyalty. Speaking of loyalty, or lack thereof, Helena outright tells Detective Lance that Oliver Queen is Arrow. Yeah, she did it in a weird inconspicuous way but she still answered the question “Who is the hood?” with “Oliver Queen.” Seriously, Quentin. I mean, fine, he’s got the possibility that his daughter survived the boat crash hanging over his head, but still.

Detective Lance, Mrs. Lance and daughter Lance got together and it was a wonderful family reunion. And by wonderful I mean awkward and emotional. Mrs. Lance thinks her daughter is still alive somewhere on one of the islands Oliver was left on. Does Oliver know anything about this? Her evidence – a photograph a tourist took had her in it. This could develop into a hectic, interweaving awesome storyline. But for now, Arrow will have to keep us guessing.

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

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  1. markMarch 21st, 2013 at 5:00 pm

    Don’t forget the cameo/stunt-casting of Dr. Who’s Alex Kingston as Laurel’s mom.

    Poor accent, and the brunette look isn’t as stunning as her usual golden locks (from ER, and Dr. Who).

    I wonder if she’ll be appearing with ex Dr. Who fellow- Alumnus John Barrowman (who plays Tommy’s dad)?

    Dr. Who Almuni do show up in cool shows, for example, Timothy Dalton played a quasi-villain in a really cool show called Chuck ;^)


    Keep up the great working with the write-ups and awesome website.
    In gratitude, Mark.

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