Arrow: The Brave and the Bold Review


By: Ashley Binion (@ashleybinion)

“The Brave and the Bold” finished off the two night Arrow and The Flash crossover event with a bang. Unlike the night before in “Flash vs. Arrow,” the two heroes worked together to take down a rogue ARGUS agent. This concluding part was just as strong as its counterpart on The Flash.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

Captain Boomerang was so cool. I never thought that sentence would have ever been thought, spoken, or written but here we are. Arrow took a villain who could’ve looked super cheezy in Arrow’s world and made him completely awesome. Unlike many other villains who grace Starling City, the Captain was a formidable foe. Enough so that ARGUS couldn’t take him down so it required the scarlet speedster and the emerald archer to team up.

Surprisingly Diggle got a good amount of the spotlight in the episode. Since it was a rouge ARGUS agent, it was only right he and his now fiancé Lyla were a main focus. By putting Lyla as the target of the Captain’s wrath, it helped give the episode a sense of urgency.

As a series, Arrow greatly benefited by the arrival of Team Flash. For the first part of the season Arrow has had some problem getting a footing of their overarching plot. They know where they want to go (Spoiler alert: Ra’s al Ghul), but they are having a problem getting there. They’ve taken little side trips along the way which make it seem as if they are stalling, which in reality they are. So, with the arrival of their Central City counterparts, the series was able to take a break from narrative struggles and just let loose and have some fun.

The friendship between Barry and Oliver continued to be an important focus of the episode. In the first part of the crossover, Barry defended Oliver’s tactics to Joe, but in this episode the two had a philosophical difference on how to be a hero. The former has such an ease and straightforward way about his crime fighting while the latter has much more of a struggle.

The two have become friends and Barry is now able to call Oliver out. This difference of opinion propelled a conversation that allowed each of the heroes to learn from each other. Of course, their dynamic of the old and young continued to be humorous. And, I’m glad they had another battle to see who would actually win, but I’m glad they didn’t show it. This way the audience can make their own decision on the winner.

Team Flash was represented well in this episode. Just like “Flash vs. Arrow” the incoming team, this time it was Team Flash, was well written and worked extremely well with Team Arrow. There’s just an ease to them working together and you can tell the actors had fun working on the event.

Watching Cisco run around the Arrowcave was hilarious. It felt a lot like when Barry was first allowed into the Arrow’s lair just running around and completely fanboying over everything. Surprisingly, Cisco and Roy had a fun dynamic. Cisco brought out a looser, lighter and funnier side to Roy’s personality. Typically he’s moody and serious, which fits the tone of this particular series, but seeing him loosen up gives the audience permission to embrace the goofiness of Team Flash.  

Much like The Flash, Arrow did a nice job integrating the Flash into its title card and tag card. Especially the tag card, watching a little blip of lightning outline the letters was so fun.  

Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

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