Arrow-Suicide Squad


by Ashley Binion

The straightforward title pretty much sums up what went down during this episode of Arrow. Stephen Amell phrased it perfectly: “Join us tonight for an episode of #Diggle, guest starring #Arrow & #TheSuicideSquad.”

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

Over the past few episodes, Diggle has been sitting on the sidelines, particularly more since Sara arrived back on the canvas. Arrow looked to remedy that with a Diggle-centered episode.

The last Diggle-centered episode introduced his ex-wife Lyla and this episode continued to explore their relationship. There has been a constant theme throughout the series about the grey area of crime fighting, and it continued during Waller/Diggle/Lyla interactions. It wasn’t anything that the viewer’s hadn’t heard before, so it seemed unnecessary to dwell on that type of dialogue.

It made sense to have Shrapnel run away from the Squad. In his first appearance he showed his dissatisfaction with government, so for him to be willing to help a government organization would have been too out of character. As a Sean Maher fan, it was sad to see him killed off, but in the end necessary.

Since the first season Diggle and Deadshot have had a tumultuous relationship. “Suicide Squad” aimed to develop their relationship. This was done with the humanizing of Deadshot. The trained killer opened up about his daughter which made him somewhat sympathetic. I mean you can only have so much sympathy for the guy considering he killed Diggle’s brother. Their dynamic was interesting to watch, especially watching Digg try and save Deadshot from death.

In the small amount of scenes located in Starling City, Oliver went on a manhunt to find Slade after their intense confrontation in “The Promise.” Laurel was actually a pillar of wisdom for Sara in this episode and kind of acknowledged how awkward the whole situation is. I actually approve of this Laurel, but I don’t expect it to stick.

The scene with Amanda Waller and Oliver was intriguing. They obviously know each other. The agent knew that he had “killed” Slade, and she seemed unnerved that he was alive, well, and in Starling City.

Instead of seeing the typical island flashback, the series opted for flashbacks during Diggle’s time in the war. Not only did they provide the viewer with some background on the villain, they also showed the early bonding between The Arrow’s sidekick and Lyla.

The best cameo of the episode was the appearance of Harley Quinn. Yes, the one and only. Sure, she only uttered a couple sentences and a quick shadowed shot, but still it was exciting. Since the squad is down a player now hopefully Harley Quinn could fill in.

There were more Easter Eggs hidden throughout the episode. Ostrander Suite where Diggle and Lyla were found by Waller, was a nod to John Ostrander a DC comic writer known for his work on Suicide Squad. The city of Khandaq was mentioned, which is the city of residence for anti-hero Black Adam. Another fictional DC city, Markovia, was referenced. Markovia is a kingdom ruled by Geo-Force. His sister had an affair with Slade Wilson.

Arrow proved that even without Stephen Amell front and center the series can still put together a solid episode.

What did you think of the Suicide Squad? What do you think the connection between Oliver and Amanda Waller is?

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

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