Arrow: State v. Queen


by Ashley Binion (@ashleybinion)

“Quiet please, I’m threatening.” This was just one of the many great one-liners that were spewed during Count Vertigo’s return to the canvas. Unfortunately, Moria’s pace- slowing trial was at the center of “State v. Queen.”

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

I might be in the minority, but I thoroughly enjoyed Seth Gabel’s performance as Count Vertigo. Sure, his performance was over the top and the character was a blatant rip off of the Dark Knight’s Joker. But, there is just something that is so inherently entertaining about his portrayal.

With that said, it was sad to see his character bite the dust. However, it created an opening for the show to explore Ollie’s newfound vow not to kill. In the moment he knew he had to save Felicity, but three arrows to the chest was a bit much. He was caught up in the moment and fell back on old instincts.

Also, this scene really played into the Oliver and Felicity relationship. He had to choose between her and Vertigo. It left the “shippers” with a strong scene toward the end of the episode.

Once the Count flew out of the window into the street below, the archer was full of remorse. Major kudos to Stephen Amell for playing out the subtly in those few seconds.

Count Vertigo learning the Arrow’s true identity really played into the fabric of Ollie killing him. Even though it was a split second decision, I am sure that the fact he knew his identity largely played into the outcome.

With Brother Blood, aka Sebastian Blood, now developing the strength serum, could Count Vertigo’s revival not be too far off?

Starting the episode out with a flashback to the night of the Glade’s destruction was a welcome move. Seeing how Count Vertigo and the Dollmaker escaped Iron Heights helped put some of the pieces together as to what happened that night. This really speaks to the larger aspect of continuality. Arrow has developed a knack for making sure the series keeps their continuality in check.

Did anyone notice the hole the Count escaped through looked like a giant arrow?

The reveal that Brother Blood was behind the Count’s reemergence was exciting. Hopefully the series continues to develop this villain, because so far Sebastian has barely been seen. Sure, he has been in a good amount of episodes, but only for a scene or two.

Island flashbacks were a small portion of the episode, but it was insightful nonetheless.  Shado and Slade’s role in freeing Ollie was a welcome sight. The band is back together with one addition, Sara.

Once Moira revealed her affair with Malcolm Merlyn it was obvious where they were going with the storyline. The two reveals at the end of the episode that he is Thea’s father wasn’t that shocking or that the jury was rigged.

But, what was shocking was the appearance of Malcolm. His arrival will most likely tie together with the League of Assassins storyline. He had the same costume as some of the assassins featured earlier in the season. It was so similar, Ollie thought it was Malcolm when he first saw the killer.

Right now, Arrow doesn’t need the presence of Malcolm. The series has done a beautiful job weaving in new comic book characters and villains throughout the second season that his presence right now fills the canvas to the brim. It has kept the show fresh and exciting. But, it’s always a joy to see John Barrowman on the small screen.

What did you think of Malcolm Merlyn’s re-appearance? Did you want Moira to be convicted? Could Ollie bringing Sara along prove to be disastrous for the island family?

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

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  1. Allison CovertNovember 22nd, 2013 at 10:40 am

    I got so happy to see John Barrowman as Malcolm! It just made the episode altogether better.

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