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by Noor Alnaqeeb (@nooralnaqeeb)


“Salvation,” no title is more fitting. Thea’s plea for Roy’s salvation in society; Joseph Falk aka ‘The Savior’ and his quest to get criminals to beg for salvation before sentencing them to death; and the possibility of Sarah’s existence on the island Salvation.

This week’s episode began with Oliver’s intention to pursue a man called John Nichol. What we expected was a break in, a “you have failed this city,” and a result. Instead Oliver found the apartment empty as Nichol had been kidnapped. This quickly became common knowledge as a live feed was broadcasted to every mobile phone in Starling City where a gun was pointed towards Nichol’s head. The kidnapper, Joseph Falk, had his own version of Oliver’s favourite line, which was “I find you guilty and I sentence you to death.” Joseph Falk, a former resident of the Glades and computer expert had outsmarted Oliver’s computer expert Felicity Smoak. While trying to track Falk, she gave Oliver two “bogus” locations and as a result watched someone die on the video feed.

Laurel Lance and her family had a hard break this week. At first, Laurel was firmly off the “find Sarah alive” bandwagon as she expected her father to help her mother accept Sarah’s death. Instead, Dinah and Quentin seemed to be back to whatever normal was before the incident and being civil towards each other. Laurel decided to take things into her own hands. After finding out from the Chinese embassy that the woman in the picture wearing “Sarah’s hat” was indeed not Sarah, she confronted her parents. Through a huge and long overdue blowout between the three, Dinah confessed that she had seen Sarah leave and had tried to stop her but explained that Sarah was “following her heart as I once did.” Dinah had left her family because she felt that it was her fault that Sarah was gone. Quentin, instead of blowing up and leaving, held his wife as she sobbed into his arms.

This episode’s flashback brought us to an informative conclusion. During the trade between the weapon’s circuit board and a way off the island, Edward Fyers offered a counterproposal due to Oliver’s sense of “principles and integrity” and instead offered them Yao Fei’s daughter’s life. After a bit of a battle and a bit of a disagreement, Slade, Oliver and Shado (his daughter) all got away, without Yao Fei himself. Oliver finally understands why Yao Fei betrayed him. And Shado has something to share with the gang, firstly her awesome ass-kicking skills and secondly, she knows Fyers’ plan and why the island is so important.

On the teenager front, Thea and Roy are closer than ever. That is until a curious thug and Roy’s call to arms interrupt their make-out session. To make Thea feel better, he says he’s only stealing from a liquor store and he won’t even use bullets, but she explains and pleads with him saying he doesn’t have to live this way because he has options. The dispute is taken outside where The Savior grabs Roy and throws him in a van, making him victim number three. This attack could’ve been avoided if Thea hadn’t pushed Roy to dispose of his gun’s bullets. Thea, bewildered and bruised, runs into Oliver and explains the situation. If your teenager sister’s friend with a gun to his head isn’t reason enough to step up your game, I’m not sure what is. Oliver goes back to Felicity to try and track Joseph down once more. Diggle recognizes the sound behind the live feed Falk had been broadcasting and came to the conclusion that Falk was using the decommissioned subway, which is why they could never track his signal: very V for Vendetta.

Meanwhile Moira Queen has found herself in an extremely tight situation. Malcolm Merlyn still confides in her and she used that advantage to frame her partner in crime for the attempted assassination of Mr. Merlyn. In turn, he died in her arms at the hands of the Dark Archer. However, Moira pleaded with him to spare Frank’s daughter and he agreed. We could argue and say that Moira Queen is an evil woman, but she said it herself she would do anything to protect her family and that is exactly what she did.

As Oliver finally tracked down Falk, he attempted to plead with him instead of instantaneously taking his life. Falk, however, was hell-bent on taking Roy’s life so Oliver did what he does best, he thought fast and saved Roy, killing Falk. When Thea and Roy reunited at Oliver’s club, Roy realized he had one of Oliver’s arrows in his pocket. The lingering at the end of the scene and compelling look on Roy’s face makes me think that there’s more to come between Roy and Oliver. Outside the club, Oliver bumped into Laurel who was looking for Tommy. After a moment of Laurel confiding in him, he asked her out for dinner or coffee. Taken aback Laurel asked why, to which Oliver answered “I don’t want to be on an island anymore.”

And in a final and crucial twist, the map of the abandoned subway has turned out to match the markings found on Oliver’s hit list. Bringing us to the conclusion that Oliver’s father, the hit list, the Dark Archer, everything so far has been connected to one thing: The Glades.

Rating 4.5 out of 5 stars

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