Arrow Review: Code of Silence


By: Ashley Binion (@ashleybinion)


“Code of Silence” was an episode that never gained traction and had mounds of faulty logic.


Warning: Spoilers ahead.


Arrow has had solid season, but “Code of Silence” featured the things that are wrong with Arrow. Let’s start with the most glaring problem the series has at the moment: Oliver’s son, William. When they introduced that Oliver had a child in season two, it was only a matter of time before said kid showed up on the series. I was all for having Connor Hawke on the series; however, he is neither Connor Hawke nor really on the show. Instead, he is a lingering presence that is bound to cause trouble because of a ridiculous ultimatum made by William’s mother. And by the looks of it, trouble will be stirred in the next episode.


The conversation between Thea and Oliver was completely mind-boggling. First, Thea put all of the pieces together too easily. If she was able to do it that quickly and easily, how hasn’t Felicity put the same pieces together – she’s practically a genius. My only argument is that she’s not looking for it. Also, Thea going from “Why are you hiding this?” to “You need to keep this quiet.” Talk about jarring. And no, none of their logic made any sense. Initially, Oliver’s decision was a bad one and it now continues to be. Once again, the series goes back to the tune of lying to someone to keep people safe. I really thought it had moved past that.


I enjoyed that there was a small focus on Donna and Lance; however, the show continued to play the same old tune of not being with the person they love because it’s too dangerous. It got old fast in season three between Oliver and Felicity and we certainly don’t need a repeat of it

with a different couple. Oliver’s mayoral run continues to be an effective plot tool. I wish a little of the debate was actually shown just so we could see more of Damian’s wife. Some of the series’ best work is when they have a scene heavy with dialogue to let an episode breathe. I understand why they did it though: they don’t want to show Oliver’s political views. Especially since it’s the beginning of a contentious political cycle, alienating half of the audience, no matter which way he leans, showing his political views wouldn’t be great for the series.


Also, why are the flashbacks still a thing? They reached their pinnacle in season two and began to slow down in season three, but now it’s a full-on waste of precious screen time. The series needs to either cut their losses and move on from the flashbacks or move onto the Russian mob. When Oliver got on the freighter at the end of the season three flashbacks to go to Coast City, I was hoping and praying they would somehow center around Hal Jordan. If the series was smart, or even allowed to use the character, that’s where the flashbacks should’ve gone. Right now, I see no advantage to the flashbacks.


Rating: 3 out of 5 stars

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  1. JenniferFebruary 23rd, 2016 at 10:17 am

    Good review. I agree and many of these points are why I struggle to watch this show any more. I want to enjoy it but character’s behaviors just annoy me.

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