Arrow Recap: Taken


By: Ashley Binion (@ashleybinion)


After a disappointing episode, “Taken” brought the drama, action, and the live-action version of Vixen.


Warning: Spoilers ahead.


Let’s start with the fantastic addition of Vixen to the Arrowverse. Technically, she’s not an addition to the DC TV universe. Last year, she had animated shorts that aired on the CW Seed.  In one of those shorts, Oliver and Barry made an appearance. That’s why there was that fun little line about being animated.


Thankfully, Vixen took up screen time from the horrible William plot.  Characters- the most surprising of them all was Diggle- continued to rationalize Oliver’s horrible decision-making.  Normally Diggle is the voice of reason, but tonight he just helped aid Oliver in rationalizing his thought process. It was out of character.


Using her magical powers to help finally de-power Darhk was a great use of her in a live-action setting. Her powers translated very well on screen. She was not only a pivotal part in defeating Darhk, she was an exceptional emotional pairing to Oliver. Connecting to him over William’s kidnapping and her past was a great way to bring her into an emotional moment.


Darhk was on fire in “Taken.” He continues to be a insanely fun villain. The small, creepy quips he makes are hilarious. There’s no other way to describe his manic personality. Shooting up Oliver’s limo is one thing, but then commenting on Felicity’s wheelchair is something completely different.


I have to say I think this was the best Stephen Amell has ever acted on Arrow. In the past, he’s had some pretty good emotional scenes. For some reason, he rose to another level during Oliver’s recording to the future 18-year-old William. He made you feel it. That’s what good actors do, they make you feel the pain and devastation. It was phenomenal. And the image of Felicity literally walking out on him was a powerful final image.


There was a small, but fantastic scene between Laurel and Lance. I’m glad we got a reaction from Laurel about Oliver’s cheating past. It would’ve felt wrong for the series to completely ignore the fact that William was a product of an affair.


So much happened in the episode that left the audience with so many questions. A month off almost seems rude. But, until then, don’t fail your city.


Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars.

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