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By: Ashley Binion (@ashleybinion)

Everyone knows Arrow is getting a fourth season, but did anyone tell the writers? The last act in “My Name Is Oliver Queen” felt like a series finale not a season finale. All the characters had series-defining moments that could have easily played in a series finale.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

The city’s in doom? “Well, it must be May in Starling City.” “My Name Is Oliver Queen” was a season finale unlike the two before it. In season one and two, the city was on fire and in complete shambles. Season three took a different route and reigned in the doomsday plot. But of course the city was still in danger of being destroyed, this time by a bioweapon.

Oliver and Ra’s final battle was underwhelming. After a season worrying about his lack of skills to fight Ra’s, he not only does well enough to hold his own, but to kill Ra’s al Ghul. I’m guessing the way you can explain it was the time he spent in Nanda Parbat training, but the scene didn’t play like be beat Ra’s, just that he had enough time to grab the sword. It was odd. He made an exception to his “never kill again” rule. The only way to ensure his freedom from the League was to kill the Demon. He even told Oliver that as long as he was still alive, he would continue to go after Starling City, Oliver, and Oliver’s loved ones.

Olicity got their happy ending, for now at least. We know the honeymoon won’t last long. Eventually Oliver and Felicity will return to Starling City, a big bad will arise, and chaos will run rampant.

With the Arrow persona taken away, Oliver is finally happy. I always thought happy Oliver would be saved for the series finale. Finally he can be who he wants to be, not someone who he thinks he needs to be for his father, his crusade, or for his city. But instead, he’s doing it for himself. He’s deserves it. I’m guessing next season we will get the classic name Green Arrow, a brighter color green, and (fingers crossed) funny Oliver. It’s time for Brooding Oliver to take a break and let Snarky Oliver out of his cage.

The Flash’s appearance was handled nicely. He came in, lightened the mood, made a few jokes, saved Team Arrow, had Felicity oust his identity to Malcolm, and zoomed away. It was fun. Logistically I still don’t understand how Oliver had time to help Barry in Central City, but I’ll just let that go.

Malcolm’s such a little troll. The entire time his motivation was to become Ra’s; not escape the League, but to control it. At least Nyssa survived. I was expecting her to be a casualty of the finale.

This episode was a cool introduction for Thea’s alter ego. It’s been something she’s been working toward the whole season. She finally put on the suit and was officially named Speedy. Almost every character was damaged by the mess of season three, but the one character that was actually improved was Thea. Her immediate acceptance into Team Arrow was a welcome development. Oliver is officially done trying to control the women in his life.

Damien Darhk, and by extension HIVE, is no doubt a tease for the big bad of the next season.

I’m so glad we are moving on from Hong Kong next season. Before the episode aired, I had a theory he was going to be working with the Russian mob next season, just because we know he has connections to them, but it he’s headed back to the good old USA, more specifically Coast City.

For those who don’t know, Coast City is related to the Green Lantern mythology. It’s the city Hal Jordan and Ferris Air hail from. Will we be seeing Oliver working for Ferris Air and befriending a young Hal Jordan? It would explain how he was able to fly the airplane in the finale. The Flash has been hitting the Green Lantern hints hard the past handful of episodes. So, it wouldn’t be out the realm of possibility and it would be awesome.

Until next season…

In the meantime, don’t fail this city.

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

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