Arrow: Monument Point


By: Ashley Binion (@ashleybinion)

“Monument Point” was a classic episode of Arrow. This particular episode felt like it had gone back to the big stakes and fast-paced storytelling that made the show successful in season’s past.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

Arrow thrives when its characters have their hands completely full and that’s exactly what happened in “Monument Point.” The episode was a full hour of capers and missions. “Monument Point” even managed to kill off Alex (We hardly knew you!) and fire Felicity from Palmer Technologies. But, the couple of times the episode took to slow down the pace, the audience was rewarded with meaningful dialogue and nice character moments. After Oliver’s talk with Diggle, I see Lyla finding out the truth relatively soon.

The episode brought back Felicity’s father and Anarchy, both of whom had varying degrees of success that were dependent on the original appearances of the characters. Anarchy’s past on the series has been sketchy and uneven. This time, the series made better use of his short screen time. On the other hand, Felicity’s father, The Calculator, was a fantastic character in his initial appearance on Arrow and continued to excel in his ambiguous motivations. Even though he took a bullet for Felicity, I still think there are ulterior motives that have yet to be revealed.

Thea is still stuck in Genesis’ dome with Malcolm. Besides Anarchy running around, the threat of being suffocated, and Alex dying, it was pretty uneventful. By the looks of the previews, Oliver finally figures out Thea is being held prisoner and not on vacation with Alex.

Lyla continues to be a wonderful character. She is a powerful and no-nonsense character. She acknowledged Amanda Waller being the worst, comforted Felicity, and ran interference with the President. Even in the previous episode she was great. In summary: we need more Lyla.

I do have to comment about the POTUS line. It was a funny jab at Team Arrow’s costumes. However, it brought attention to the glaringly obvious lack of government support. As viewers, we have to suspend belief or else you would be picking apart every single show and every single episode. But for some reason I can’t get past the POTUS line. It’s difficult to believe that the President, or the National Guard, wouldn’t play a larger role in the events taking place. This just feels like nitpicking at this point.

The fight scenes were top notch. I do wish there was less flipping by Oliver. It reminded me of what Roy (Arsenal) used to do with his flipping around and parkour. Each character has their own signature way of fighting and having Oliver do that many acrobatics felt like a Roy knockoff.

Well, the flashbacks returned. I really have nothing to say about them anymore except we already knew Oliver’s lady friend succumbs to the idol magic because it was shown in his flashes from last week’s episode. That was either a mistake or they really don’t care about the flashbacks anymore to make that a surprise. It was so nice to have that two-episode break. Oh well, I knew that wouldn’t last long.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

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