Arrow: Lost Souls Review



By: Ashley Binion (@ashleybinion)

After a strong string of episodes to open season four, “Lost Souls” was the first episode this season to lose its way.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

For the first time, it was Arrow’s turn to suffer because of the Legends of Tomorrow spinoff. The hour was wasted on setting up the new superhero series. The Flash has had this same problem throughout their second season. Surprisingly, Arrow has avoided it until now. Sara’s soul restoration in the previous episode, “Haunted,” was an excellent way to integrate the spinoff’s storyline. Sara has meant so much to the series that her return was significant for almost all of the characters. (I still believe Sara is the better Canary, but the writers are never going to see it that way.)

Much of the episode was dedicated to finding and helping Ray escape from Darhk. Ray has been a problematic character. He never really fit on Arrow. There was always a disconnect between him and his personality with the tone of the series. When he and Felicity crossed over to The Flash, he fit in much better in Central City. The Flash has a different vibe that suited Ray. The problem with devoting a majority of the episode’s plot to rescuing him is that the only one in the series who deeply cares about him is Felicity. Team Arrow and Curtis are helping because they care about and love Felicity.

Thanks to Oliver, Mama Smoak returned to Star City to help out Felicity. Mama Smoak was so much fun the last time she made an appearance. This time was just as fun as her other appearance. The interactions between her, Felicity, and Oliver were so enjoyable as a comedic trio. And, I’m all about Papa Lance and Mama Smoak. Finally Lance will get some romantic interaction on the series and hopefully that means more of Mama Smoak later in the season.

Oliver and Felicity’s relationship drama came out of nowhere. They were doing really well, their relationship was strong, but once they throw Ray into the mix, the two lovebirds start to have problems. Although it wasn’t love-triangle trouble for Olicity, it was more about Felicity’s guilt about not being around to save Ray. In her mind, being with Oliver was making her lose herself. This is a very legitimate, mature, and nuanced romantic conflict for the series. It’s actually quite impressive that Arrow would go there. It connects back with the first episode of the season, “Green Arrow” where Felicity was the one who wanted to go back to Star City. She needs something more and that need keeps getting in her way of being happy with Oliver.

As a result of the Olicity romantic drama, Oliver and Diggle had a nice moment. It helped solidify the fact that Oliver and Diggle’s relationship is doing well. Also, it was telling how insecure Oliver is in his relationship with Felicity. It parallels what he told Lance in “Beyond Redemption” where all he wanted was Lance’s approval. Now, he doesn’t feel like he deserves Felicity. Diggle was the perfect person to knock some sense into Oliver. And I’m all on board with Diggle’s code name being Spartan.

It’s disappointing how little of Sara was seen. She finally returned, there was little excitement, and now she’s off to Central City. Hopefully that means we will see her on The Flash. I loved seeing her back fighting with the rest of Team Arrow, especially her fight with Laurel and Thea. Caity Lotz somehow elevates every fight scene she’s in. I guess she’s just that good.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars

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