Arrow: Lost in the Flood


By: Ashley Binion (@ashleybinion)


“Lost In The Flood” was the quintessential penultimate episode. So far, two of the three final episodes of Arrow’s fourth season feel like a three-part finale. “Lost In The Flood” nicely built off of the conflict established in “Monument Point.”  


Warning: Spoilers ahead.


After saving the world from a nuclear apocalypse, temporarily, Oliver and Diggle turned their attention to saving Thea from Damian Darhk’s Ark City. (The city had an actual name, but after rewinding five times, I failed to get the name. So, I’m going to call it Ark City.)Thea continues to be a darkhorse success on Arrow. For the back half of the season, she has been a strong character with intriguing plot surrounding her. Meanwhile, Felicity, the Smoaks, and Curtis were working on stopping Felicity’s ex-boyfriend from reinitializing Rubicon.  


Felicity and Company were a fairly large screen presence during the episode. Even though I enjoyed watching The Smoaks interact with each other, this didn’t seem like the most opportune episode to have character arcs. I’m all about character development and character arcs, but for some reason the placing of this felt off. Instead it would have worked better if Donna interacted with Noah when he originally showed up. With that being said, this was a great family dynamic to explore, especially with Curtis watching from the sidelines. One of the reasons the scenes worked so well was because it was largely separated from the main story of the episode. Curtis attempted to draw some sort of parallel between Donna and Noah’s relationship and Felicity and Oliver’s, however that was too much of a reach. Finally, Donna learned Felicity was working with the Green Arrow. Considering how open everyone is about working with the Green Arrow, I’m surprised it took that long.


Anarky has grown on me quite a lot. At first he was bothersome, but over the course of the last two episodes the actor has grown into the character and made it his own. Anarky even seems to be a competent opponent for Darhk. It makes me wish they would’ve used the character more in “Monument Point” and in this episode, “Lost In The Flood.” Thankfully, he is MIA after Ark City’s destruction, setting up for a possible return.


The suburban setting of the episode was such a pleasant change of scenery. Typically, the outdoor scenes the series films are during the night and in a large metropolitan city. However, because of Ark City’s own ecosystem the major fight scenes were during the day in the “suburbs.” Visually, I loved the contrast of when Diggle and Oliver opened the door to the Ark City. All of a sudden they weren’t in the city anymore.


Sadly Ruvé was another Arrow casualty. She was woefully underused in her short time on the series. I always had a suspicion that she was more conniving between the two Darhks. I wish the series would have explored her character. With Ruvé Darhk dead, could Oliver become the next mayor of Star City? Episodes ago, he series did make a point to make a passing comment about the absurd number of write-in-votes he got during the election.


Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

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