Arrow: Legends of Yesterday Recap


By: Ashley Binion (@ashleybinion)

“Legends of Yesterday” was the second hour of The Flash and Arrow crossover event. Sadly, Arrow’s hour of the crossover was weaker than The Flash’s exciting, fun, and fast-paced episode.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

Overall, with the two episodes combined, it was an excellent crossover. There were so many things the two episodes did right: the interactions between the two casts, the new rural setting, the humor, the action sequences, and the introduction of the Hawks and Vandal Savage.

Here was the major problem with “Legends of Yesterday”: Oliver’s kid and baby mama. This was not the episode to bother with Oliver’s child, William. (By the way, the kid isn’t even named Connor!) They took up way too much screen time, brought down the episode, and majorly regressed Oliver’s character. There was a nice pace to The Flash’s “Legends of Today.” Even though the Wells and Caitlin stuff was a slower pace, it was important to the Zoom season arc. However, William was an unnecessary development. The more I think about it, the more I’m convinced William is the person in the flash forward grave.

Of course, we all knew William would appear eventually, especially since he and his mother live in Central City. It was only a matter of time. Oliver was in Central City for the continuing mission of taking down Vandal Savage. After seeing William in Jitters, it was right for Oliver to ask if the boy was his son. He has the right to know if he has a child out in the world, especially if Oliver wants to have a relationship with him.

The writers were handling Oliver’s reaction pretty well, until he lied to Felicity. That’s when the series, once again, ruined Oliver’s character development. This season has built Oliver up as someone who has a deeper understanding of himself and how to treat people in his life with maturity and honesty. Season four Oliver was a character you actually wanted to root for because he emotionally evolved, not just because he’s the show’s protagonist. For most of the series, he was un-rootable, especially in the pre-island Oliver flashbacks. He was a miserable character who had major issues. Now, in season four, lying to Felicity was a major regression for the character. Hopefully he tells Felicity soon or every future interaction will be tainted by the lie hanging over their relationship.

Besides Oliver’s child drama, I would’ve never known this was an Arrow episode. It was a Flash storyline and the Arrow characters were just living in it. Too much of what went on was related to the Flash and not Arrow. As much as I love time travel, and I can’t get enough of it, Arrow is not the place for it. There are some elements that should be left on The Flash and time travel is one of them. It just doesn’t fit into the Arrow world.

Cisco and his relationship with the Hawks continued to drive much of the narrative. It was obvious from the beginning that Cisco was never going to get the girl. Kendra and Carter, or Shayera and Koufu, have thousands of years of history. In every lifetime they find each other; it’s hard to compete with that. I enjoyed that Cisco was the one to help Kendra find her original self.

Even though the flashbacks to Egypt were a little wonky, I do appreciate that they told the origin story of Savage, Shayera, and Koufu. It was something that needed to be done so that the audience could understand their feud and start setting up a timeline for the Hawks’ story. And Malcolm’s betrayal at the end of the episode was downright evil. To be fair, he is a villain after all.

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

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