Arrow: Home Invasion


by Noor Alnaqeeb (@nooralnaqeeb)

Spoilers. If you haven’t watched it, do it now it’s awesome.

Arrow came back with a bang this week, a few gunshots and one or two explosions. Diggle’s mission was to kill Deadshot. Oliver’s mission was meant to be to kill Deadshot. Felicity didn’t really have a mission but we found out that she isn’t a natural blonde. And Tommy still kind of hates Oliver.

Oliver, Diggle and Felicity seemed to get into the routine of having little heart to hearts after combat training and before the technical jargon. The topic of choice this week was Oliver’s budding friendship with Laurel. Laurel skipped out on Oliver because of a meeting with her clients. Fast forward a day and the same clients are dead, survived by their 8-year old son. Making this week’s Rasmus, a businessman who hired the wrong assassin for his legal battles, and not Deadshot, the guy who Diggle really wants to kill to avenge his brother’s death. The assassin, Mr. Blank, was charismatic, alluring and determined to get the job done. Laurel, surprise-surprise, took the child into custody until social services could get a hold of his grandparents. Tommy promised to take care of Laurel (and let it slip to Detective Lance that he spends “almost every night at your daughter’s house anyway”. Awkward.

Tommy and Laurel played house with the youngster and a few specks of dust placed themselves firmly in both my eyes when Tommy was talking about how he lost his mother, but how she’s never completely gone as long as he can see her when he closes his eyes. Mr. Blank and his many identities showed up at Laurel’s door with the wrong badge number (he claimed to be a lieutenant and their badges start with the number 1), ruining their lovely moment. Well isn’t Laurel a bad ass. If that wasn’t impressive, the massive shotgun she magically procured from her room and fired at the assassin helped up the ante. With Arrow showing up at the scene and saving their lives, Tommy thought it was a good idea to camp out at Oliver’s place. I wonder why.

On the Deadshot front, Oliver decided to get Rasmus to confess instead of staking out Deadshot and helping Diggle kill him. As a result, Diggle almost died, four agents died and Diggle walked out on Oliver’s operation. That’s what you get for picking a girl over your best friend, man. It’s standard television series’ rules.

To round out a perfectly dramatic episode, Mr. Blank then showed up at The Queen Manor, killed three or four agents and had a showdown with Oliver. During the fight, Mr. Blank asked Oliver what happened to him on the island and in the most Batman-esque voice I have heard he replied, “You’re about to find out.” Oliver killed Mr. Blank and told Detective Lance that one of the agents, Mr. Roberts, had saved him. Tommy knew the truth and agreed that the person responsible for Mr. Blank’s death was a true hero. A true hero that Laurel might still be in love with, a hero that is definitely still in love with Laurel, and a hero that Tommy decided would definitely win Laurel over if he found out who he really was. And no I’m not still talking about Mr. Roberts. So Tommy broke all our hearts and broke up with Laurel. Why is it that in every superhero situation the guy can never get the girl? For lack of a better word, it sucks.

In other vigilante news, Roy Harper lied to Detective Lance, stole a police radio and got arrested all to get closer to unmasking The Hood. In his own words he feels “like [his] life is connected to his”.

Might I mention the golden line:

“Is that a police radio in your pocket?”

“No I’m just happy to see you.”

During his investigation, Detective Lance opted to show Thea and Roy a “stiff” The Hood brought into the morgue. He also mentioned that Oliver’s body count is up to twenty-six. Darn, they should really change his name to The Executioner. So naturally, following this news, the dynamic duo decided to hunt The Hood down and try and join forces. I smell a few sidetracks and maybe a future sidekick.

Now let me make a little prediction and I really hope I’m wrong. Laurel is going to fall into the arms of Oliver in her time of despair and rejection, something might start between them but Oliver will firmly put a stop to it due to his friendship with Tommy and his feelings/secret identity for Laurel.

Side note: Cinematography this episode was beyond insanely amazing. The opening sequence where Deadshot assassinated an ambassador? Genius.

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

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