Arrow: Burned


by Noor Alnaqeeb (@nooralnaqeeb)

Spoiler Alert!  Arrow Season 1, Episode 10. If you haven’t already – go watch the entire  season.

Recap: Walter disappeared.  Arrow got his butt kicked. There’s a big bad wolf in town with a big  bad plan to change Starling City and everyone is none the wiser.

The episode  began with the most impressive visual effects scene Arrow has brought us to date, a firefighting scene. To be honest, Arrow looks like it has  put on its superhero outfit and stepped up to the plate of becoming  the series that it always had the potential to be. Keeping that in mind,  that is exactly what this week’s episode was about: Arrow stepping up  to the plate, licking his wounds and becoming the hero he was always  meant to become. It was a refreshing start to the second half of the  season as previous episodes had been filled with Arrow beating up bad  guy after bad guy without pausing for so much as a drink of water let  alone a brief hospital stint.

We are brought back to Starling City with the following updates: Walter  is still missing. Arrow has not been hero-ing it up and has been in  rehabilitation for six weeks. Moira is mourning the “disappearance”  of her husband. Laurel and Tommy stand strong as a couple with no awkwardness.  And Diggle is definitely my favorite character this episode.

A handy dandy flashback brought us to the first kind-of-intentional  kill at the inexperienced hands of Oliver. After his mentor/prison escapee  was captured by the angry British man Oliver was left to his own devices;  which included a knife and the ability to fall off a cliff unintentionally  killing the man pursuing him.

On the family front, Thea shifted gears from “rebel teenager”  to “mother’s mother” by kicking Mother Moira into taking Walter’s  position at the company. Her heart-to-heart with Oliver helped too –  when did little miss alcoholic turn into such a good spirit guide? Speaking  of spirit guides, Diggle wins the award for best sidekick/crime-fighting  colleague after: first, working out topless showing the world that Oliver  isn’t the only crime fighter with a body that can cause crime. Second,  and maybe more importantly, making Oliver realize that the city needs  him, getting rid of Oliver’s performance anxiety after getting kicked  in the gut by the mysterious firefighter killer of the episode.

The question of the week was “Does Oliver still want to be Arrow?”  The answer, with Laurel’s cry out for the ‘vigilante-turned-hero’s’  help to find her best friend’s brother’s killer, was yes. Oliver’s problem  with being The Hood was that he had seen what his friends and family  would go through if they lost him again, and he himself had too much  to lose. Touching. But Diggle, told him that facing death with something  to lose is so much better than facing it with nothing to hold on to.  This week showed us that Oliver still has the sense of humanity in him  that all superheroes must have in order to stay ‘good.’ It also showed  us that Detective Lance is a conniving father after he handed his daughter  a phone to call Arrow with, after planting a bug on it. But mainly,  Arrow is back in the game and society might actually start calling him  a hero instead of a hindrance.

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

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