Arrow: Broken Dolls


By Ashley Binion (@ashleybinion)

Ever since Arrow’s season two premiere, it has been firing on all cylinders, but the latest episode Broken Dolls was exceptional. The episode name dropped, united opposing forces, and introduced new characters into the Arrow universe.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

Before I begin, I just wanted to let you all know I will be referring to Quentin Lance as just Lance. Referring to him as Detective Lance is inaccurate because he isn’t a detective anymore and writing Officer Lance just feels wrong.

Even though the hour featured a back to basics procedural as the primary storyline, the hour was overshadowed by the injection of how much DC mythology was added. Along the way, the Dollmaker, a minor DC villain, served as a way to bring characters and storylines together, which was done with great ease.

Just as a side note, there were some other interesting DC references throughout the episode. The Dollmaker’s “shop” was set up in an abandoned Metamorpho chemical factory. Coincidence? I think not. Also, the ship Ollie is trapped on at the end of the episode was named Amazo. Another coincidence? Don’t think so.

In the DC universe, there has been three incarnations of the Dollmaker. He first appeared as a villain in Plastic Man #10 and the second time appeared in Supergirl #58. However, the most notorious Dollmaker is the latest. He appeared in the new 52 Detective Comics #1, where he cuts the skin off of the Joker’s face.

Dolls can be downright creepy. So, for Arrow to have a serial killer that specializes in kidnapping, hardening the insides of women, and then posing them after he is done with them was utterly disturbing.

Black Canary was featured more heavily in this episode than in the past two. Her continuous saves of the newly dubbed “Arrow” were fun to watch. In her first save, she used the famous sonic scream. But in true Arrow fashion, they instead used a tech device that allowed her to use her signature move. It was awesome.

By far, the biggest revelation was Black Canary’s affiliation with Ra’s al Ghul. Yep, the one and only. It should be interesting to see how Arrow handles Ra’s and the League of Assassins.

The similarities continued between Arrow and The Dark Knight trilogy when Lance and Ollie began working together to stop the Dollmaker. In this particular episode, they begin to form a somewhat Commissioner Gordon/Batman relationship. With one of his biggest foes out on the loose, he has to rely on The Arrow for assistance in stopping the serial killer.

Speaking of the Lance family, Laurel finally got a clue and realized she was the real reason behind Tommy’s death and had been displacing her own guilt onto The Arrow. It was a nice parallel between Lance and Laurel, both holding guilt and displacing it on someone else. Hopefully this means Laurel will get off her anti-Arrow campaign.

The other subplots worked well. Thea and Roy’s storyline slowly continues to develop. It’s refreshing that they aren’t sucking up a majority of the screen time. Roy’s storyline with Sin should play out nicely and I am excited to see more of them. Her calling him Abercrombie is officially the best thing ever. Moria is now facing the death penalty thanks to Hot Paul, or in the Arrowverse the district attorney. The island flashbacks were in short supply. Slade and Ollie had opposing differences on attachment to others. While running back to save Shadow from some bombs, Slade caught on fire. Is this how he loses his eye?

What did you think of the fast paced hour? Are you excited for Ra’s al Ghul?

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars


  1. KevinOctober 25th, 2013 at 10:02 am

    Just wish they would pronounce the name correctly. It may be spelled Ra’s Al Ghul but it’s pronounced Ray-sh Al Ghul.

  2. AmyOctober 25th, 2013 at 10:13 am

    Won’t lie, totally flailed at the mention of Ra’s al Ghul.
    Also loved the moment when Lance finally dropped the “A” word.

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