Arrow: Broken Arrow Review


By: Ashley Binion (@ashleybinion)

“Broken Arrow” was another shocking and twisty episode of Arrow. This was a fantastic follow-up to a series best episode, “Public Enemy.” It was going to be hard to deliver another episode like that, but Arrow stepped it up.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

I fully support Roy leaving the show. In the comics he does leave the Green Arrow to become Red Arrow. He’s learned everything he could from his mentor and did the honorable thing to save Oliver. All of that character development from being a street rat in The Glades to being a kid slapping a bowl of water paid off. Roy is now competent enough to become Red Arrow, even if he does do unnecessary flips at times.

Roy’s prison “death” was a smart twist. Not only did it keep the character alive, it reinforced that Oliver can count on his friends. From the very beginning of the series, there are a couple things that have been reinforced about Oliver’s character: he doesn’t like relying on others and he needs to be in control. These are purely internal conflicts that have been highlighted throughout this season, but “Broken Arrow” magnified them tremendously. In this episode, he’s forced to rely on others and it teaches him a valuable lesson. If Roy died, Oliver would’ve had a huge setback. Keeping Roy alive allows for him to return on the series at a later date, hang out in Central City, or maybe even join the new spinoff show.

Sassy Oliver is the best Oliver. He had so many comical moments in the episode. Pretty much every scene with Ray was hilarious. Stephen Amell rolling his eyes is probably the best thing he’s ever done on the show. It was too good.

The more I see Ray interact with Central City residents, the more I believe he’s a better fit in their world. His over-the-top enthusiasm is even too much for some of The Flash’s characters. This episode did a great job bringing him down to reality. The suit and gadgets don’t make the hero. If anything came out of the Ray and Oliver team-up was that Oliver helped him realize this.

Arrow really likes stabbing people. They stabbed two main characters in the span of 15 minutes. Ra’s al Ghul stabbing Thea was never meant to be an exit for Thea. Instead, it was just another way to manipulate Oliver. His original plan of putting Oliver behind bars didn’t work so why not manipulate Oliver in another way? I don’t think he ever imagined how formidable Team Arrow could be. They ruined his plan. Thea “dying” is something that they can’t fix so now Oliver is forced to turn to The Demon. Hey, at least Thea tried to take on Ra’s. It was cute how he fought her with one hand behind his back.

Captain Lance was once again back to “Operation Destroy Oliver Queen.” I enjoy how the series has come full circle with their relationship. When Oliver returned Lance was not thrilled to see him, and that’s putting it mildly. They had a brief period of mutual understanding, but now they are back to where they were in the pilot. Paul Blackthorne is doing tremendous work.

Doug Jones was great as the metahuman Deathbolt. Though, it was a little weird seeing Doug Jones as Doug Jones. Usually whenever he’s on screen, he’s obscured by some fantastic CGI. It’s a bold turn of events by introducing a metahuman that wasn’t created from the STAR Labs explosion. Since Oliver has little problems dealing with freak-of-the-week villains, it’s about time that Oliver had greater weekly challenges.

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

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  1. waschalApril 17th, 2015 at 10:54 am

    This was really one of the best Episodes this season. I’m really exited for next week

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