Arrow: Blast Radius


By: Ashley Binion (@ashleybinion)

After a painful winter hiatus Arrow finally returned to address the can of worms it opened in the mid-season finale. Firefly fans hold onto those shiny Jayne hats, because Sean Maher guest stared as the villain of the week and it was a blast.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

Considering the last episode was the best of the series so far, there was no way they could surpass the shocking moments in “Blast Radius.” Sadly, there was no follow-up to the whole “Slade is alive and the one pulling Brother Blood’s strings” storyline. You can’t just throw that on the audience and expect us to forget about it because of a month-long break. It would be surprising if the series didn’t delve into it in the next episode.

It was largely disappointing to have such a beloved sci-fi guest star in Sean Maher, yet he was only in the whole episode for about 4-5 minutes. Not only that, there was potential for a Tam family reunion, but Summer Glau was absent from the episode. His character seemed to have little to no resemblance to his comic book counterpart, Shrapnel. In comics, Shrpanel is a super villain who is made of metal and has super strength and stamina. He is able to break off pieces of his metal body which he can project into explosive bursts.

Ollie’s judge of character seems to be wavering as he aligned himself politically and as a vigilante with Sebastian/Brother Blood. Rarely does Ollie align with people in his public persona and as the Arrow, so it is either a little out of character or he is being seduced by the Blood charisma. And, when did they become all buddy buddy?

Laurel finally looked to get in on the action. In this episode alone she had more screen time than the rest of season two episodes combined. Instead of her being written a passive tool to progress Brother Blood’s storyline the character is taking an active roll. So far this season, her character has been driven into obscurity with only brief appearances here and there, but it seems like Arrow is looking to fix that. Laurel is showing some smarts by using her position in Blood’s life to her advantage to investigating the political candidate.

Speaking of the Lance family, it’s fun to see her father’s relationship with the Arrow continuing.

On the island, the trio buried their fallen warrior Shado and Slade gave Ollie her green archer suit. Slade continued to experience side effects from the mirakuru. This could be foreshadowing of what is to come for Roy. In Starling City, Roy is already showing signs of the mirakuru with rapid healing and super strength.

For those Olicity (Oliver and Felicity) shippers (don’t worry I’m right there with you guys) there was small, but significant movement in the episode. Ollie’s apology was a big character development moment. Last season, he had to be prompted by Felicity to apologize to Diggle, but this time he issued an apology all on his own. He knew he was wrong for acting jealous of Barry. When he returned from the island he was determined to stay by himself after all of the destruction that followed him while he was on the island. But now he needs, and wants, Felicity and Diggle around. The archer went on to tell her they were partners. He now knows it’s a team effort and they are all equal in their crime fighting adventures.

What do you think of Arrow teaming up with Sebastian Blood?

Rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars

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