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by Ashley Binion (@ashleybinion)

For those unaware, in the DC universe Birds of Prey comes from a comic that features female heroes like Black Canary, Catwoman, Barbara Gordon, Huntress, and Oracle. In this episode Arrow attempted their own version of the classic team-up.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

Even though this was supposed to be the big return episode for the Huntress, it ended up being heavy on character development for both Laurel and Sara.

Instead of Arrow teaming up the Huntress and Black Canary, the writers had them as opposing forces. This was a smart move by the Arrow team as neither of the women are heroes yet. This was actually a struggle for Sara this week, finding her own way to balance her inner killer. As for Laurel, she slowly regained her strength with the help of Black Canary (even though she didn’t know it was Sara. Okay, let’s be real for a second. If my sibling was wearing a mask one foot away from me, I would know who it was. How does Laurel not know that’s Sara?! I mean, come on she was a foot away from her. I wouldn’t have a problem with it if Sara kept her distance.). Seeing Laurel blackmail Kate Spencer was actually kind of awesome.

Like many Arrow villains, the Huntress was underdeveloped in her first appearance. However, when she returned during the second half of the first season her character was somewhat flushed out. This appearance featured the Huntress singing the same tune: wanting revenge on her father. In the end she got her wish. Her father died but not by her hand, therefore for her character it wasn’t satisfying. Hopefully with revenge in the rearview mirror, she will use her crossbow for good the next time she appears.

Sara’s Canary Cry was back in full force. The device is sorely underused, so when Sara whips it out it’s pretty exciting.

After a large Diggle episode, he was once again sidelined. Why is it so hard for Arrow to find the right amount of screen time and plotline for his character? Right now they are poorly managing his character and it’s a shame.

Oliver was constantly on damage control from trying to control Sara, Roy, Lance, and the Huntress. When Sara took a front seat this episode, Oliver was stuck trying to juggle all of these balls flying around in the air.

Much like every episode of Arrow there were DC references floating about. Hugo Manheim was a reference to Bruno Manheim who has connections to Kahndaq where the Suicide Squad traveled to in the previous episode. The location of Gail Street and Simone was a reference to Bird of Prey author Gail Simone.

The best reference in the episode was Arrow calling Roy, “Speedy.” Oliver used it to snap him out of a mirakuru-enhanced anger episode, just to remind him about Thea. Right now that’s the only way Oliver is able to control Roy. But Roy telling his mentor he never wants to be called that was pretty hilarious.

Also in that scene was a touching moment between Oliver and Roy. It was heartbreaking to see how torn up Roy was about having to stay away from Thea. At least Thea realized that he broke it off with her because he was hiding something. Both Oliver and Roy love her and they know they have to hurt her to keep her safe. But in the end, separating Roy from Thea put her in danger.

Slade taking an unsuspecting Thea at the end of the episode was an excellent cliffhanger to leave for the audience.

What did you think of Birds of Prey? How far will Slade go enact revenge on Ollie? And how long until Thea learns Ollie’s true identity?

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

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